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The story

A brutal murder and an innocent man accessed for the killing of his house maid and wife Page Forrester, Jack Forester played by (Jeff Bridges) is now looking for a criminal lawyer to take his case and to prove his innocent. Teddy Barnes played by (Glen Close) having worked in the past as a district attorney with Tom Krasny, played by (Peter Coyote) as his assistant now Krasny, believes he killed his wife and the maid. These are facts. Sam Ransom is private investigator played by (Robert Loggia) helps out Teddy, in the case.

Now this maybe 21 years old, it's still a great murder thriller with twists and turns that grips the viewer to the end.

"Do you really think he could have done that to his own wife"?


Framed in the W/S 1.85:1 aspect ratio, some of the outdoors scenes look rather pale in colour, but still the image remains shape around the edges, maybe a newer transfer will see the light some day? The courtroom becomes has some stronger colours, but not too strong, where I took down the colour just a bit due to the restrictions of video imagining in this transfer.


Recorded in the Dolby Stereo process the mix is mostly dialogue oriented, but sound effects like in the squash court has a brief moment of reverberant loudness, distant street sounds that can be heard over the San Francisco, bay area like tweeting birds on the surrounds, and fog horns and trams in the front having narrower sound imaging that is not spaced out to wide in the Dolby Stereo mix. The courtroom has very natural sound footsteps on the hard wooden floor has a slight openness that reaches the sidewalls, with tensions in the courtroom building with a cacophony of over lapping sounds.

Music by (John Barry) is very noticeable in the composers musical style has very simple melody and is used very sparingly during the film running time, there is some chilling depth to chapter 22 in grange parking scene,

Directed by (Richard Marquand) of (Star Wars episode VI Return of the Jedi 1983) fame, has but together an very intelligent tense drama with a shocking conclusion. The film has stood the test of time and holds up on it's, own even to this day.


Talent profile

Technical details

Certificate: 18

Aspect ratio: W/S 1.85:1 Utracam 35 (anamorphic enhanced)

Colour: Metrocolour

Sound: Dolby Stereo (A) Dolby 2.0 surround

Running time: 104 minutes

Year of realise: 1985

DVD region 2 realise 2001


Picture 8/10

Sound 8/10

Overall rating 9/10
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