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ive got a dvd burner but most movies dont fit onto one disc. i can find some where they're split into 2 files but how do I do that making 2 files from 1 myself?

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You may want to put this query in the computers section of the forum.

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the reason why your movie is being sectioned into two files is because it will not fit onto 1 DVD disc. Most movies come on dual layer DVD discs which allow double the 4.7GB. You can buy & burn dual layer discs provided you are willing to pay abour $2/disc.

Lots of free software that will shrink your movie file size into 4.7GB so that it fits on one disc. Or you can buy software.

My favorite and what I personally use is by Slysoft. AnyDVD & CloneDVD is unbeatbale for its performance and ease of use.

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Hi I'm new at burning dvd's but i know how to download them. If someone could please tell me how to burn them I would be very greatful. I download the movies from bearshare and limewire. I don't know much about computers so if someone can help me with this please be very clear. Thank you

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create a new thread Ms. saunders

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You have to have the proper encoders. You also need to know the type of encoding that the pirated movies you stole are using. If it is not in the proper format you can burn it to DVD but it will not play on a regular DVD player if not done properly. Most stolen/pirated movies on PTP sharing is using .mov or avi format. You can actually burn them using avi format and burn them to DVDs encoded on Divx. Now all you need is a Divx player. Should be easy to find nowadays.

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i suggest you try xilisoft dvd creator, it seems that this suite of software all perform with good quality

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An then how do get those divx subtitles to work??

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i have some videos on my files and want to copy them on a cd but it does not work can someone help PLEASE

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Well I have trasfred sevral films over from laserdisc to DVD-RW like Star Trek the motion picture and the Star Wars films. Star Wars and the Empire Stikes Back and some of the extras from the CAV laserdisc version fitted onto the disc no problem.

Editing the side brecks is the porblem and getting the timing precise is within a second.
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