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hey have you guys heard any background info. on the movie constantine? the only thing i've heard so far is that A Perfect Circle is featured in the soundtrack. So with that alone I'm assuming the movie is going to be awesome.

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This movie has to be Awsome...coz neo (keanu reeves) will stilll be the one..he has an awsome screen presence....

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I have to say, i heard so many good things about this film, and i finally saw it, and it did nothing for me. barely even entertained me for the two hours. and i actually really like the other actors in it besides keanu. and sadly gavin was so dull that he made keanu look good.

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it was okay. Things have changed when you can actually judge a movie based on the soundtrack...geez.

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Saw this at friends, via his home THX sound system, though the films dark manor and surprise was a trill especially when that poor dude crossing the road damn was that a neat bit of sound effects editing, with slam and a thudding sound as the body is compacted into the ground, nasty.

Though the THX sound system at my friends was loud it wasn't reinforcement enough, due to a poor Yamaha SW YST-120, that can't hit the lowest octane down to 20Hz least of all 40Hz without making a popping sound.....

Anyway I'll probably will buy "Constantine" on DVD soon, has I liked the state of the art, mix in this biblical comic fantasy 8/10

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I am a huge Keanu Reeves fan. He is a very good actor. As for Constantine it is a brilliant movie. Very clever and very interesting - in my humble opinion: D

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I can never take Keanu Reeves serious (Bill & Ted)

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haha. i have never actually watched that whole movie(bill and ted) but i thought Constantine was an excellent movie. one of my favorites.

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dang....this is an old thread....i still have this movie n DVD...think about it every once in a while...

definitely has the coolest Devil i have ever seen in any movie. lol
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