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im trying to build my first computer

here is a list of things that i have and in the process of getting

case - logisys clear acrylic uv sensitive w/5 blue led 80 mm fans and 400w power supply

motherboard - ecs km-400-m deluxeFeature AGP 8X Technology AGP 8X supports 2.1 GB/s data rate and runs at 533MHz, doubling the speed of the previous 266MHz AGP 4X architecture. 6-Channel Audio Onboard 6-Channel Audio CODEC supports uncompromising DVD audio quality, bringing a more vivid sound experience and high-quality 6-channel audio without having to buy advanced sound cards WHQL Certificate WHQL Certificate DDR-333 DDR 333 enables bandwidth up to 2.7GB/s providing enhanced system performance ATA133 Supports Ultra DMA 33/66/100/133 IDE devices, data transfer rate up to 133MB/s Color Map Color-coded pin headers and slots make it easy to match plug that plugs with cables without checking the silk screen for installation instructions USB 2.0 USB 2.0 is the latest connectivity standard which delivers transfer speeds up to 480Mb/s for easy connectivity and ultra-fast data transfers

hard drive - hitachi 120gb , 7200rpm , 8mb buff

cpu - amd athlon xp 2800+333mhz socket a w/fan and heat sink

floppy drive - 1.44

fan controller - ultimate 6 knob controls 6 fans w/ blue led

cd-rw - artec 52x24x52 clear acrylic w/blue led
dvd-rom - artec 16x clear acrylic w/ blue led

floppy cable - 18 inch single round uv sensitive blue

ide cable - 36 inch dual round uv sensitive blue for cd-rw and dvd-rom

ide cable - 24 inch dual round uv sensitive blue for 120 gb hard drive and a slve just incase i want to upgrade

mouse - optical clear acrylic w/ blue led

keyboard - illuminated w/ blue led all keys

speakers -logisys clear acrylic 2.1 gaming speakers w/ sub woofer

operating system - windows xp
burning software - nero
dvd software - power dvd

now with all that said here are my questions:

is all of this stuff compatible?

is there anything that im missing or that ive overlooked?

is any of this stuff over kill?

any advise would be a big help - thanx


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hmm........ecs mobos are sh**. everyone knows that. from build quality, to OC'ing ability, they r not good. Other than that,it good

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If it all heats up too much then you should try Intel hardare.

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Username: Computerman

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i think to buy a gigabayt GA-8s648fx-rz mainboard. is it a qualite and usefull mainboard??? and its pride 77$

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Username: Eddiefaz

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For AMD motherboards you'll want to look at MSI or ASUS. Maybe Gigabyte, but they tend to rush things to market without enough testing/debugging. You probably want to look at the AMD 64 instead of the XP. It is a MUCH faster chip and much better (even than Intel) for gaming.

You don't list a video card. There is not an AMD motherboard with a decent on-board video controller.

You also never list the purpose for this computer. Is it for gaming? That will make a lot of difference in which video card to buy.

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Username: Elecgenius

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i ad both intel, asus , msi((((well all three, u get the idea))) i was never happier than the asus for gaming,,,, reliability, of course, would go to the intel... msi is not that great as the others mentioned but it does leave gigabyte in the dust

Damien Robert
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Im a fan of Intel and EPOX boards myself.

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Username: Eddiefaz

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We've sold alot of Asus, MSI, Intel, and some Gigabyte and epox. We stopped carrying epox and gigabyte because of reliability issues. Asus tends to be a little over priced and their support seems to have gone downhill lately. I bought a couple of their boards a couple of months ago, but the quality of the boards did not impress me.

MSI has come a log way over the last couple of years. We've sold close to 200 of the MSI boards and have not had a single return. Actually, I take that back. We did have one return, but I think that was due to an end user and his screwdriver.

I just got some of MSIs new 915G Combo boards. They look pretty impressive. If I have any problems with them, I'll let you know.

I recommend Intel and MSI because I sell a lot of boards. I don't want to see ANY of them come back. When I have to RMA something I lose money. It may be that the other boards mentioned are good boards, but if hte QC isn't top notch, I'm not interested.

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Asus use to make awesome boards but they are no more, I dislike that brand now. I like some Epox boards they are awesome for overclocking and for the most part have never had a problem with them. Reliability I stick with Intel, no one knows how to build a board better for P4 CPUs then the company who produces them :-). I have dealt with thousands of motherboards (over 14 years) and I will have to agree MSI and Intel are great but Epox is an overclocker's wet dream.

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Man you guys are like choosing car brands. ASUS, MSI, GIGABYTE,VIA, they are all making premier boards. But some have flaws some dont. Mine dosent. I have an Msi platinum board with nvidia chipset,I also have 3 servers with ASUS boards running intel chipsets. All work fine. No problems. Some companies do have a few bad boards. But they also have rellie top notch boards.

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Dude over kill Lol i know some one with a Amd atlon 4800 x2 Dual core 4 gig DDR2 ram lol and 3 Hardrivers i ment me :-)

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I know ecs boars are crap, but that's only because that's what people tell me, I personally used ECS boards in my first 2 pc's I built for myself and never had a problem with them. (Even overclocking was fine)

But now being less of a newb, I go with asus, abit, or gigabyte simply to avoid problems that ecs boards have been said to have.
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