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I make this topic, becouse i am sick of all the new topics, asking the same. I have some questions myself, but before i'll start a new topic about that, I'll read all the other topics carefully. Since there are so much topics, I want to make a FAQ. This topic is to answer, not to ask. So, if you know something about S-Video that can help other people, then post it here... That way, there will be more people helped and less useless topics. I'll give a good example... I found the answer in another topic, and i am sure it worked for me, so, if everybody does it... So if you know a question and a good answer, post it like this : Q'number') bla bla
A'number') bla bla

If someone else knows a good answer, to the same question, just type A'number question') bla bla

Q1) How do i see the screen of my laptop on my TV, whit an S-Video.
A1) First, before you go and buy something, look at your pc and your television if you have a S-Video port. (The port on my pc is a port whit 4 pins and a rectangular block, it can also have 9 pins. At my pc, there is an icon of a television, at my tv it sais S-Video input in letters)If you are shure it's the same port, or a port whit more pins on your tv and less on your computer, you can find the right cable in any good electric store. If you plugged them in, do the following steps, to get the wallpaper of your pc on the screen of the TV.
1) Start
2) configuration screen (this can be otherwise, like config or something else)
3) monitor (also, this can be something else, but if you know someting about the pc, then you easyly can find the Montitor icon.)
4) settings
5) sellect monitor settings, currenty on 1) Standaard monitor, sellect 2), click on enable
6) startup your TV and get to the right AV, or post 0.

I hope this helped some people; if someone would have other way that works as well, just set A1) your answer

My excuses for my bad english and bad translations or spelling errors, I hope that it aint so bad :-)
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