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Hey all. I am specing a new pc, so I thought I would stop by here away from audio for a bit.

I don't game, just regular use, except the soundcard, which is CL X-Fi Platinum Xtreme fidelity.
The motherboard is ASUS SKT and AMD Athlon64 4600+ socket AM2.
The quote has so many letter/numbers/slashes that I can't make heads nor tails of most of it.

Anyhow, 2 questions(or 3).
The system will likely run XP Home, and I will likely try Vista upon open release. Is Linux a transparant OS since I only know Windows stuff?

I run a ups, would a conditioner be appropriate for this 1600CDN purchase? Would a cap bank be as useful as I have been reading? I spec'd a 500w power supply, again, lots of alphanumeric stuff, PCI express and SATA(don't know).

So I suppose I am looking for confirmation of the purchase, the price is not a problem in this case, shpould I be looking for anything else to add?

Purchase is from a small shop with quite good people, 3 yr warranty, in shop.

I also have Geekboy, soon SIL to help, and I call him Geekboy in the best way possible.(considering he is banging my daughter and all.)

Is there a new and improved whatever that I should look for here? Other than the usual weekly changes, something quantum to watch for?

Thanks a bunch.

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Nice sound card Nuck! Is this custom made PC with your specs or something from the factory?

I haven't used Linux so no comment there.

A UPS will do you a world of good and having a conditioner is unnecessary as the UPS will do the same thing for the PC. The power supply is pretty robust, and leaves room for a more expansive sound card or video card in the future.

The PCI express are an excellent expansion slots as most video and sound cards or going that route and AGP and regular PCI are mostly like turning into dinosaurs.

The 3 year warranty is an excellent coverage as well.

Nothing out there to really watch out for since you'll be using the computer for regular stuff. gaming, heavy duty video editing, sound editing nor DVD writing/copying???

You are not planning on using this as part of your home entertainment are you???

I wouldn't worry too much about Vista. From my experience, all this PC architectures claiming to be able to support the newest OS in the future is nothing more than a selling point to get rid of old stock.

It happened when the excitement over Windows 95 was making its debut. Old PCs claim to be able to handle this new OS and 6 months later, it can no longer handle the the updates and the demands. Same thing happened 98, 2000, then XP...even those poor machines using 2000 claiming support for XP or the famous "designed for Windows XP" logo were rendered obsolete in 3 months time.

What you have there seems like a solid PC built for today's demands. No matter how advanced you think it is nor how well the builders design it, once Vista comes out you only a have a few more months maybe a year or 2 when technology buries it in obsolesence. No such thing as future proof.

Perfect example is the PCI express you mentioned as part of the package. A year or 2 ago the regular PCI was touted as the wave of the future. certainly was...for 2 years! Now the future is PCI Express. The future, in technological terms, is measured a few months or years at a time. The wave of the future is replaced by a new wave every year or so.

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Bernie, thank you.
The vid card is Radeon x800G to PCI-E DVI 256mb DDR3 with tv out.
The sound card, of course, is the one you rec'd to me.
The bay is a Plextor all in one, burning DVD,s as well as all the other stuff.

Thanks for the response, BTW.
My stereo is kickin' butt and takin' names, the pc should open a lot of new stuff to the DAC, I hope.

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As far as Linux goes, you can do a multiboot loader where it basically just prompts you which operating system you want to load on startup-win XP or Linux.

A UPS is a great idea for a desktop, and I have to assume you'll be hooking it up to an LCD monitor-in which case that would be fine to run off the UPS as well so that you can save your work and then get the computer shut down.

That was probably a little more information than anyone needed to know about 'Geekboy' heh

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Jexx, thank you, yes a little 17" Samsung, although the shop has a nice 21" widescreen to wall mount for 389CDN.
Heck I will likely buy that too.
Personal comments are dropped.
The box seems quite good, and priced fairly, and I will follow up with the duplexed OS, Windows does stink sometimes. My daughter uses Firefox, so I will see if she will load it on the new one.

Fortunately, the two old hard drives will PNP in the new cpu, without adapting, a + with the ASUS and AMD.

It is about 2 weeks away, but I think I will order it tomorrow.

Can I offer ant other specs/parts that y'all can help me with?

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Go for it:-)

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=D sounds N1

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Pci express soon will be part of the past. That video need a nice, and super fan, the hd need a nice and super fan, the Procesor need a nice and big fan. The pc are crashing for the HEAT...
Buy a nice fan, with a great blower for avoid overheat. Try windows Media oem, is a nice version for electronics enthusiastic, and for last recomendation check this site for UPS recomendation.

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so...what's next after PCI-Express?

So far the PCI-e was the replacement for PCI.

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Thank you Eva.
Each of the cards has a large fan built in, the 500w pro power supply has a ducted blower.
I will have to open this thing often and clean out the animal fur, no doubt. I will also fit a filter on the duct inlet.

Machine ordered today.
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