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I've had a Sony Vaio for about 3 years. Yeah, it sucks, but it ran Windows XP somewhat decent, until it recently had the hard drive melt down. - I have data backed up - not too big a deal. I put in new hard drive, and realized that the discs they had sent with the computer don't actually have Windows XP on it. Not to worry, I can get or at least buy a restore set for my model at a modest price (I'm thinking $20-$30.)

I call Sony and inquire about it, here's the meat of the conversation:

....(sony)"That restore CD has been discontinued, Sir" (me)"WHAT? " (sony)"That restore CD has been discontinued, Sir, but our service department can re-image your hard drive for you [insert $$$] or you might be able to find one on eBay." (me)"I heard you the first time, I just can't believe you've discontinued support for a product that's 3 years old." (sony)"that product is 4 years old, sir" (me)"So you're telling me that I either have to buy a new Windows XP license & disc, or pay you to image it for me?" (sony)"that's correct, Sir" (me)"stop calling me Sir, and just refer to me like the 'a$$hole customer' that I apparently am to you and Sony" (sony)"excuse me, Sir?" (me)"ah, you and your worthless company can $#$&-off" [click]

I loaded Windows 2000, which I have a license and disc for, but Sony provides no drivers that will load for Windows 2000 - I'm screwed.

So, don't expect any support if you buy Sony. This VAIO may go in the trash with my Sony Digicam that would have cost me $2 more to repair then buy a new one.

Add that to the top of the pile of WHY SONY SUCKS (if you can reach the top)
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