HP 7 pin s-video question, HELP!


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Does anyone out there know, or know where I might find the Pin out signals for a 7 pin s-video output on a HP laptop, modle ze5738rs? HP is clueless. I know that one of the three center pins carries a composit video, but I'm not sure which other pin I need to use for a ground. My attempts with pins 5,6,&7 up to now have yielded a poor picture and flashes of light. I like many others here are trying to output video to a VCR/TV. I'm a little leary of crossing the wrong pins too long and ruining the video card. I found the following web site, but have gotten different results than it described in the following pinout list; although, I am using it for a refference for the pin numbers.
Pin Name Description
1 GND Ground (Y)
2 GND Ground (C)
3 Y Intensity (Luminance)
4 C Color (Chrominance)
5 - -
6 V Composite Video
7 VGND Composite Ground

Pin 7 on my unit appears to be the composit video and it will give a video display when paired with 1,2,5,&6; I have not tried 3 or 4 since the basic 4 pin s-video layout seems to be standard, even with my unit. Pin 7 paired with 1 or 2 does seem to give a better picture; howerver, I don't know if all of these pins 1,2,5,&6 are equal grounds or if I have a different return circuit on each one.
Anyone have any idea which pin should be used for the ground.
Thanks in advance,

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As far as the S-video goes, you have it right, and it's the same for any s-video connector. It isn't a limited design to your HP.

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Thanks for the reply, Sorry, I didn't notice the spy ware, maybe my software dumped it automatically. As for the s-video being right, pins 5,6,& 7 DO NOT MATCH the pinouts that I had listed, hence why I asked the question of which GROUNG pin to pair with the composit out.
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