My computer display is turned upside down


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i have windows 2000 professional. when i turn on my pc, the display looks fine. but when it goes into windows loading screen, the whole display is turned upside down. i can't get it back. what can i do.

Log in upside down and when you get to the desktop, right click go to your graphic card properties and Rotate 180. Should work.

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Dang, Chad...what have you been doing to your pc, dude?

Go to a blank spot on your desktop
Right click
go to "Properties"
click on "settings"
click on "Advanced"
go to "graphics driver"
click on "graphics properties"
click on "rotation"

go from there

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had this problem...found the answer on a website...

Screen Flipped Upside Down

PC Errors, Help, and How-to'sDid you walk back to your computer after lunch to find your entire screen is upside down? You have fallen victim to one of the most common office gags. Read this article to find out how to undo this.

Holding down CTRL and ALT while pressing the DOWN ARROW flips the screen upside down.

To undo it, and flip it back to normal, hold down CTRL and ALT and press the UP ARROW.

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Just tip your monitor upside down. Problem solved :-)

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same thing happened on my freinds laptop. went to "system restore" and restored the computer to the previous day's settings. it worked thank god or I would have died laughing.

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<ctrl><alt><up> is the first thing to try.

RE: This is a feature in Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. Which makes sense. But it looks like ATI Intel copied the keystroke for the same "feature" in their video card drivers. turns-sideways-or-upside-down/

...will all have interesting effects too, if you're using the ATI driver.
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