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Im a little new to building comps. and was wanting to know what hardware I should be looking for to get a good picture out of a comp. useing a 42" plasma tv for a screen. I wanna use this system for watching movies, streming music and and playing comp games on my tv.

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Ok I think I may have been a little vague with my last post so lets try this again.
Ive always been told that some mother boards and processors makes and models work better together then others, and that some video card makes and models work better with particular mother board and prosessor makes and models. I dont know if this is true maybe you all could clear this up? Im not trying to break the bank with this setup either infact I would like to spend less then 500.00 on it.
I know as far as video cards go im looking for something with tv outs. But what I dont know is what mb to buy. Can I get away with 128mb and still get a decent picture or should I go with 256mb? Also how much ram, would 528mb be enuff or do I need to go with 1ghz? And processor I was thinking some where around 2.0mhz-2.5mhz would this be enuff or should I go with a faster processor? Any help would be appriciated.
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