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Hello, I have two sets of 2.1 speakers, how can i connect them to my sound card to have one set act as rear speakers?


If you have a Sound card that supports rear speakers
just plug it in
but since this is posted i doubt that
when i was a kid and fiddling around with wires and speakers way befor surround sound came out i made my own 13.6 surround system (13 tweeters and mid range 6 different subs)
i started with two 2.1 systems like you got now
i built my own splitter but now you can buy them at a buck or two or dollar store just a splitter that takes a 3.5MM jack and so plug that into you soundcard and then with the splitter there is two out puts so you can plug both 2.1 systems in and have a 4.2 surround system with 2 volume controls or you can take apart the sub on both system and merge the cross overs for the tweeters and the subs of both systems but i dont recomend you do that unless you know what you are touching because you can fry both systems
so go to the dollar store and by a splitter
(wow this is a long post just to tell you to go to a store hey!)
hope i was of help

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Thats still not 13.6 surround, and 2.1 cant be made into 4.1 surround. Just cuz you have the speakers it dosent make it surround. It has to have the software to support it. Hense the reason you have to get 5.1 and 7.1 surround cards and not just ghetto make one your self. Without software its not gonna work. Unless you want the same sound comming out of all speakers. In that case why dont you get get huge a#$ speakers and run em off an a/v unit connected to your comp?

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You can make surround sound without software using just speakers and wire. The rear speakers will have voice cancellation when listening to music, and you can have a center, left and right output. Im not sure about subs.

This shows you the 5 speaker arrangement:

To summarize the circuit, the left front and right front speakers are attached normally. A wire also goes from the right front "+" (positive) speaker terminal to the right rear "+" (positive) speaker terminal. Another wire connects the left front "+"(positive) speaker terminal to one end of the surround volume control. The other end of the volume control is then connected to the left rear "+" (positive) speaker terminal. Finally, a speaker wire connects the right rear "-" (negative) speaker terminal with the left rear "-" (negative) speaker terminal.

Good luck, Dan


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roflamo. Dude. No. Surround sound is the effect of being surround. All your gave whas how to hook multiple speakers up to 2 inputs. So no. Like i said before without software or a surround card it will never happen., Do a lil more research danlewy.

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How Do I Hook Up My Floor Speakers To My Computer With Out A Reciever I Have A Splitter But Tryed All Sorts Of Things I Just Want My 2 Speakers Hooked Up To My Computer Without Having To Buy A Receiver Sorry Im To Cheap To Buy One.

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Wow This Is Annoying When People Type Like This :P

Forget it, the computer will never put out enough power to make those floor speakers even sound decent.

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Crazy Guy:
You need construct an amp to do such things. Now being cheap doesn't mean being able to construct electronics. I'm going to school for such knowledge. If you really want to do something like that try google. Should be able to find a schematic there. Hope you can understand it. Your other option is to spend some money. I suppose you could always buy a $2 Y plug to hook it up to your tv or vcr.

You may be able to find software that will allow you to use your 2.1 sound card as a 4.1 card. I found something years ago back when I was running a 300mhz duron. So this software based solution turns your "line in" into a secondary output. I am not entirely sure if it still exists or not. And on that note I am not even sure if it is actually surround.

Hope this helps;
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