Interconnect cable breakin period


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I read in 'Frequently asked questions that cable breakin time is a myth,and unnecessary "difference is all in the mind" .
I have jps super2 interconnects and I definitely noticed huge diff after 35+ hours of breakin salesmen and even Joe the owner of company(I spoke directly to him)highly reccomends breakin time..does anyone else believe in breakin time

Gary Wright
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Every good quality cable I have ever owned has benefited from break-in.
I can only imagine that people who say otherwise are deluding themselves, probably to avoid paying what it (unfortunately) takes to get fine cables. It's like people who swear money isn't important to them -- it's a way of excusing the fact that they haven't very much of it.
In my experience, good cables are ludicrously over-priced, but nevertheless, they DO make a difference, and so does break-in.

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This is the best thing I can say about cable "breaking in". This stuff is Bullshit.

see this:

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For the last time people, cables do not need a break-in period. Good cables, not necessarily expensive ones, will no doubt benefit a system,no argument. Wires and cables are fixed non-moving, passive devices. A new car should have a break-in period, but this is not needed for wires or interconnects. E. Ramsey AAS industrial electronics

E. Ramsey
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Please explain to me scientifically, Gary Wright,how an expensive $300 cable presents an audible diffrence over a $30 monster cable. Like the ancient Chinese proverb goes"A fool and his money are soon parted" People who buy decent but inexpensive interconnects are smarter than smug fools who spend loads of cash on interconnects and speaker wire that have been scientifically proven time and time again to offer no real advantage other than fancy"jewelry" for your components. E. Ramsey AAs industrial electronics

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"Joe the owner of company...highly reccomends [sic] breakin time"

Hmm...imagine that! And I bet the recommended break-in time is a few days longer than the time you have to return the cables.

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Lets not forget to slap some of these on while we're waiting for the cables to burn in. e=NOB_C37_C

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Hmmm. Wonder if I should get a shiny new wooden knob to replace my old worn-out one, as recommended (sincerely, I'm sure) by Lester? At $485 it seems such a bargain.

I believe that most loudspeakers require a break in period. Cables and interconnects - if there is an effect then it is far too subtle for science to detect, or for me to hear.

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Hey Diablo, the reason instruments or ears cannot detect "cable burn in" is because it does not exist. There is absolutely no scientific evidence that such a rediculous theory exists. See my postings in "To burn in cables works", I went to war over this. E.Ramsey AAS industrial electronics
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