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Brian Mitchell
My review has been moved to the link below:

Robby Threesticks
Does it work with TIVO?

Yes, Harmony does support TiVo (there is a "watch TiVo" activity) which allows you to Navigate, bring up the Menu, select channels etc. All the TiVo commands are available via the hard buttons (which are mapped depending on which menu is displayed in the LCD screen) or via the menu screen.

Will the Harmony 768 work with Replay 5000 series?

Can anyone compare the Harmony 768 with the Pronto remote? Thanks

Have a look at the Wall Street Journal Review and comparison of the Pronto and the 768. http://ptech.wsj.com/archive/solution-20030409.html

Go to http://www.remotecentral.com for all of the remotes you are asking about.

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Intrigue's website makes their remote controls sound like they're easy as pie to set up. They weave a picture that all you have to do is tell their internet-centric installation tool what equipment you have and everything is pretty automatic from there.


While their expensive plastic is pretty, it is far from easy to setup.

Want to play a movie on your DVD player? Sorry - that's not possible without several button clicks. Do you expect to be able to switch from watching TV to watching a video, with the Harmony turning on and off the right equipment? Good luck... you're better off turning everything off each time you want to switch media. Have a DVD player with dolby encoding? Watchout! The Harmony managed to permanently remove my center channel sound from my DVD player.

The email support is about two days late in responding to requests. Their telephone support is friendly and genuine in trying to be helpful. But they can't overcome a series of design flaws that prevent Harmony from delivering on the promises they make on their website.

Dude are you are major drugs. The Harmony works with all my equipment (HDTV, DVD, HDTV Decoder, Recevice, Lights, CD, VCR, TiVo). You have to have some what of a brain to make it work. BTY: you can program the Harmony to not turn off your equipment when you switch activities. I have 5 devices turned on with a single click to watch a movie.

What's with a DVD player having a center channel, that would be your receiver, unless you opted for the cheap all in one; which was less than the $200 remote

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The harmony remote DOES work well.
I have had it for 6 months and love it.
Not only that, my wife and GUESTS love it.
I have 5 devices that it controls and it does it well.
I didn't even have to tell my latest guest how to use it. She just pressed Watch TV and the 3 devices came on.
I have it programmed for my dvd player and even my XBox!

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Marty B,
My Harmony 680 remote with 20 minutes of setup on the website works flawlessly! One button access to ANY activity.
My wife thinks it the best thing since sliced bread!
You must be "technology" challenged, a 10 year old could set this up!

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One more thing.

I have not needed customer support at all to set this up.

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I have a DVD player (very new Toshiba), a spank-ing new DLP Sammy HLP 46", a HD cable box from cablevision/IO, and a Yamaha amp in my HT setup currently (though I have a phono, dual tape deck, and VCR that may end up connected from time to time when not plugged in to a PC or other things). My big concern is with NOT switching off devices with each 'mode'. I assume you can program it with a power button to turn everything on and off (with various delays) and use the mode buttons to have it switch TV devices and what not to the right mode for what ever activity you want?

Will the Sammy DLP even allow for discrete source switching via a single remote input (all I find is a source button as well as source menu selection - no independent source switching with a press of a button is obvious).

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read your tv manual! and findout.

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Well, aren't you helpful... thanks!


It's not in the manual as far as I can discern... I wouldn't have asked otherwise.

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Yes, the Harmony Remote can handle source switching.

Even if the TV only has a source button, the Harmony can remember how many presses (cycles) would be needed to get to the right input.

Harmony's remote code database is usually up-to-date, but enabling this option could require some manual tweaking during the online configuration.

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OK, I have CableTV and Directv, what activity do i create that will switch from cabletv to directv?

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How do I program the remote to go to the last channel viewed on the cable box when turning the set on? I am just learning how to program the remote and am confused. Thanks in advance.

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I did not set up my Harmony remote 880 so pretty much have no clue on how to fix this problem. Somehow (I'm blaming it on my grandson) the tv no longer has a picture or sound when I push "watch TV" everything else operates - TV, AV receiver, Mediacom Motorola PVR, Dvd comes on. When I push help the only thing that I can't figure how to do is when Harmony tells me to ensure that the pvr input is to tuner so I don't know if that's why I no longer have a picture or sound when I want to watch tv. Any suggestions? Thank you

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I just got my Harmony 880 remote this week. (Mid November 2006).
My equipment list is:
Samsung HD TV
Oppo DVD
Denon 2807 AVR
Sci Atlanta HD DVR Cable Box 8300
Kenwood CD Jukebox

I started out by installing the Harmony Software on my PC from the CD that ships with the remote.
Meanwhile I had the remote charging for about 5 hours.

After the software installed it suggested that I upgrade to a newer version which I did via a download.

I decided to start off simply by just programming Listen to FM Music activity. This worked remarkably well and easy.

Then I added more devices and activities...

Watch TV (Samsung and AVR and Sci Atlanta box)

Watch DVD (Samsung and AVR and Oppo)

Play CD (AVR and Kenwood)

Each and every one worked well the first time.

This is a pretty remarkable device.
I have to get used to the buttons on the new remote.

I am pleased so far.
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