Digital Audio Coaxial - Y-cable available?


I have a DVD player and a digital cable box that both have the digital coaxial audio output to my receiver, but I only have one coaxial input... Is there a Y-cable available to hook up both of these to the receiver? I have searched the net and can't find one for sale, but the guy who installed the digital cable said there was something like that available. If you know where I can buy one online, I'd be much appreciative! Thanks!

connection man
You can use any shielded rca cable for coaxial.

I have an old TV with an coaxial input. Can I connect a DVD player to it? If yes, what kind? Thanks!

I don't think you *Want* to plug too inputs into the same ought put, with ought using a switch that is. The output from one should not go into the other "output", this could damage things.

Hello - I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to hook up my DVD player with a digital cable box - I have one of those modulator things but I can't seem to get it to work - THANKS
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