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I have a Marantz DVD player with a SCART out connector - my Sony TV has Component inputs. Is there a cable that I can use to connect the DVD to my TV? Some salespeople I have talked to sayI need RBGS where "S" is sync as well. Please advise. I had a look at PROFIGOLD PGV372 but the company (Bandridge) also said this was for a Loewe TV or such?

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Hi did you ever sort this out ?

I have the cable you mention, a toshiba RP TV with component inputs and a Sony DVD with a scart output (RGB Capable)

I have set outputs to RGB and plugged in the cable and nothing visual - if this doesn't work what is the cable for ?

Your answer is here
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Hi, I've just adquired this piece of heaven. I've got an Aventos TV (Loewe) and it has component input via scart (rare thing Loewe TVs have), and this cable is just to get component input from Loewe Tvs. Don't know other brands that can use it. I just configure the AV3 input in my TV to get YUV signal, and I get HD from my Xbox.

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Thats good for you, though i couldn;t imagine that the cable would be manufactired only for one TV

I have seen scart to componant in other rages as well including JVC ?

Any more inpurt on this topic?

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Anthony Eades,

As far as I know, Scart-Component is directional. The profigold PGV372 is Component to Scart. So, you couldn't use it to connect the other way as you said (from Sony DVD-Scart to Toshiba TV-Component).

You can follow the link that Selo stated to buy an appropriate cable.


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I'm afraid it's not a matter of cabling.

Component is officially a general term for YUV, YC and RGB, where RGB in turn has a whole lot of sync options like RGsB, RGBS, RGBHV. In other words; component is the opposite of composite.

In daily life however, component usually means YUV (=YCbCr). YC is commonly being referred to as S-Video.

A Scart (Euro-AV) usually (always except on Loewe?) only carries RGB and/or YC. YC is nice, but RGB is a lot better. This Scart-RGB can be either RGsB (sync on green) or (more commonly) RGBS (sync on composite).
There is no way of connecting a RGB player to a YUV television without electronics. You will need a converter, you can find one here:

Even if you want to connect to another RGB device like a PC VGA monitor or beamer using the 15 pin sub-D, you usually need a converter since VGA uses RGBHV with separate TTL-level Hsync and Vsync. In most cases a Syncblaster cable ( will do that trick.

Good luck!


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I have started selling a cable that works, on ebay, do a search for scart plasma, I have 25 to sell.

It is a scart to vga cable, it works on RGBS.

this will get rid of all your sync problems.

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has anyone taken a satellite or video source via scart and displayed it on a standard LCD or TFT pc monitor through the VGA interface

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i have foxtel connected to my rear projection tv via a scart to composite lead which i assume is really a RGBS connection because my fox unit allows rgb out and is the best setting,better than PAL.but it is connected to my composite tv inputs.i'm not always happy with the reception i get.i gather from what dick says that i should get a converter.any thoughts anyone?oh,i also bought a scart to s-video converter and connected to tv via a monster 2 s-video cable(not an el cheapo cable)and it was worse than the scart to composite connection!?!?!?

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I have DVD with scart output. I have a TV with only a coaxial input. Is there an adapter i can get to connect the DVD to the TV.

I am Absulutely Bemused

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I have a syntax olevia 30" lcd tv with an NTSC tuner which I own here in the USA. I am re locating to the Republic Of Ireland in March, I am getting conflicting information on wheighter I will be able to recieve a tv signal via a sky tv dish. My tv has component, dvi, vga, s-video $ composite input, no scart. Any positive advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Is there actually a Scart to Component Video cable?

All I could find was this:

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i have just started this thread a few minutes ago it seems like the people in this thread know what they are talking about could you just try to give some insight on my problem please i would be gratefull if you could drop a few lines to my thread

thanks folks

dear all i have a satelite box which has a scart output and a yellow composte output for video my av receiver has component in, s-video in and composite in for video i am using the composite in for the moment but the results are not very good thus the image is beeing sent to my PJ.

I am confused if a cable with one side scart and the othe side component video is what i need (there are some on ebay and on the internet ) or do i have to buy a scart to component converter tu send the image to my pj using my av receiver (marantz sr 7500) unfortunatly both of these products are not available in the turkish market and i dont which one will work if both which one will work better?

I also hear there are scarts which do send component video signals and some that dont i checked the manual of the satelite receiver but there is nothing mentionned there

would love to hear from you

Best regards

Dai Jones
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Good answer by Dick Koers. Just to add: it's possible for equipment to output component (YUV) video on SCART, but very few pieces of kit do. In the rare cases where kit outputs YUV on SCART, a SCART to component cable will work. In the far more usual case that the SCART is only wired for RGB and YC then you'll need a transcoder to get from SCART to component, like the one from Keene Electronics ( The Keene one is relatively cheap (c. £100), most cost several hundred.

The fact that you need a transcoder to convert to component shows why most kit doesn't output component: manufacturers don't want to build in a transcoder. For example I have a Denon AVR-2105 receiver that has composite, s-video (YC) and component inputs and outputs. It'll up or downscale between composite and S fine, but the component circuitry is entirely separate: no transcoder. Thus my hopes of having multiple video sources routed through the receiver with a single component link to my telly, selecting the video source to monitor with the receiver, didn't work out: have to have separate links to the display for composite/S and component. Needless to say, I only found this out after reading the user's manual: it's not obvious from the advertising. (That said, the Denon is a great piece of kit, albeit lacking proper binding posts making using high end speaker cable a nightmare.)

Sorry for the long answer. The bottom line is, for the original poster, you need to check whether the Marantz outputs component on SCART. Sadly, it probably doesn't.

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I have a Toshiba DVD player with Component out. My TV is a Panasonic TX36PB50 with only scart/s-video input. How can I set these up for the best picture ?


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I have a Marantz DV4500 DVD player with Component out. My TV is a Loewe Xelos 5970 with 3 SCART connections. I've been told that SCART 3 can be used for component connection. Is this true? And if yes, which cable can I use (there are just too many to pich the right one!).



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simple scart to vga £20 inc delivery

vcr dvd player any scart to monitor vga connection

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Hello All,

I have a similar problem - I want to connect my sat receiver with SCART ouput (Eurobox) to my LCD TV with component inputs (LG). I searched on the net and came up with the following:

Is this what I'm looking for? Any idea on what picture quality I can expect?? Someone HELP!!!


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Hello, someone could please give me the following info?
If I use a SCART/YUV adapter, the SCART connected with a TV, the YUV conected to a receiver. Does The RGB signal pass from the receiver to the TV?

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Dave, if you let me give you a council, I tell you to contact Loewe customer service

This post hopefully will help people. I was in a similar pickle. I bought an Epson TW10H projector which accepted SVideo, Composite and component (YUV) only. I wanted to get the best picture from my KISS DVD player (SCART only). I looked for cables but could only find conflicting information.

To my surprise there was a cable supplied in the box that converts SCART into 4 phono outputs. The 4 outputs are RGB and composite. This means that the composite must be used as sync in this case.

Nice. So try a scart ->RGB + composite, it may work for you

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Hi, I have just bought an NEC projector and am using a 10m component video cable which is picking up too much noise. Do I move the sky/dvd etc closer and use a shorter cable, or shell out for an expensive scart-vga cable? I get fuzziness using either a component video cable or s-video cable from the pc to projector too. Any advice please? ta!

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i just bought a playstation 2 and my LOEWE 6300 doesnt play video
my settings are in the RGB and the PAL but it doesnt
show anything, only sound

please help me out

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I just got a Yamaha RV-X550 with component output (my dvd has them as well) but my Grundig Lenaro has SCART input. Here is a link to get a Component to SCART converter to get better than S-Video quality. Cheaper for Americans because of the exchange rate and it works on NTSC equipment.
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