New speaker wire


I'm not going to say what receiver I have or
speakers just what happend when I changed wire.
Before I was using standard 16 AWG no name wire and now using RCA high-performance DT100SW4 14 AWG. The sound is so diffrent I'm having a hard time geting use to it. Over all it's much brighter and clearer but I'm not sure thats a good thing. I've had to make several changes to get the right sound:
*Put the grill's back on (to bright sounding)
*Switch from small to large speakers (in setup)
*Ajust the sub output (turned it up)
*And play at a lower volume setting (more overall volume at the same setting)
Was just woundering if any one else had the same experience.

Anonymous too
yeah, whatever!
Look at all the other changes you made! You just want to feel good about your purchase and now you are trying to convince everyone else.

Robert Wallace
As far as the cables go, switching from 16 to 14 AWG wire tends to make the sound brighter. How long have you been listening? It can take calbes (depending on the cable) a few days to a few weeks to break in properly. You may want to look elswhere than RCA for speaker wire. The basic audioquest stuff (flat inwall, etc) generally has a better overall sound and is cheaper if I remember correctly. The difference there is solid vs stranded wire. Everyone, including IT people know that stranded doesn't carry a signal as well as solid core...the high frequency resonances cause too much packet loss at distance on a stranded ethernet wire (this is fact for all you non-believers). So look for a good solid core, high gauge, good quality copper wire. Not snake oil, bling, or psudeo is just a fact of physics and economics...solid copper sounds better than stranded, stranded is cheaper to make into large gauges (hence larger profit margins). At the level you seem to be buying at you need not worry about anything more than that. If you have a higher level of equipment (since I don't know what you are working with) you might look as some more advanced theoys on cableing...but it comes down to this: Does it sound better?

Robert Roy McGregor
Have you personally done extensive testing on cable break-in BS? Do the electrons behave differently on wire that has been "broken-in"? Does your TV, computers and any other electronic device run more efficiently after having it for a bit of time, after all most of the wiring for electronics and electrical products consist of copper?? How does speaker cable and component cable know that they are audio cables? How do they know to behave differently after a few weeks and somehow improve after "break-in"? If this is true, couldn't you just run some current through the wires to power, perhaps, a light bulb, maybe then it will "break-in" a lot faster? Oh, wait the copper wire might be able to tell the difference between speaker current and household voltage...heaven knows it might get pissed off that you had the gall to use it for other than audio. Because if you can prove it and have it peer reviewed by actual engineers and physicists, that would be an achievement worthy of a Nobel prize. The world will then change the way they build things, they have to build it around the principles of "break-in" the way you have told them.
You (and I do mean YOU)can't tell the difference in sound if I were to use 12 gauge audioquest wires versus 12 gauge no name zip cord. You jsut claim you do, but you are probably not willing to do a DBT, or you'll have plenty of excuses...either way, you can't and I haven't met anybody who can!
So do you think that data transfer through properly broken in solid core wire will improve after its broken in? The ITs would have a field day as soon as they learn that a lot of problems with slow bit rates could have been solved by CAT5 cables that should have been broken in.
Audioquest probably loves you for buying in to their snake oil, bling and pseudo science cabling theories, wait, make that "advance cabling theory"
By the way, Audioquest have been challenged about their cables, and so far they are skirting the issues when their claims are challenged by actual engineers. They even have cables that have batteries...I don't even want to go into that preposterous BS...there is also the dielectric biasing scheme.
It's not that we are non-believers, we are just after the is not a religion...we just don't have blind faith in manufacturers of cable that claim something anecdotal at best!
I'll be glad to buy in if it actually improves my listening experience, we are all in that quest, hence this hobby! BUt some just want to believe so much, they get suckered.

This guy is more believable then the master of BS or maybe it is because he has not been broken in yet?

A couple of things to keep in ming about 95% of the people who make ABX and DBT arguments in these forums.

1. Both testing methods are tainted and can be manipulated to achieve whatever results the administrator wants.

2. The poster has never been involved an either testing methods. Sure they can quote a bunch of information that they have read, but is is worthless information. They want measurements, but they can't provide any.

3. They won't list their equipment and cables or ones that they have auditioned. Probably because they bought the cheapest cables they could find and try to justify their purchase. Most likely because they want the nicer things...denial is ugly.

4. They are tone deaf.

The most importent thing anybody can do is try different cables in your price range, and choose the one that makes your system sound the best to you. You don't have to spend a lot, but there are differences. Listen with your ears instead of what some hack writes. You are the only person who's opinion matters.

In all seriousness is there a difference between Audioquest 14AWG and JSC 14AWG Hi-Strand Audio Cable?

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Perhaps these links may be of interest to people that fall for cable snake oils and fallacies


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rca rox!!!! lol, ill never buy another product with those letters stamped on them, wait, i never have :D.

want some good, quality speaker cables for cheap? better than anything you'll ever find at best buy, ultimate electronics, etc etc?

check this out

of course, they take forever to make, but its worth it
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