MIT vs Taralabs


I have two questions:

1. How do inter-connect cables compare between the two companies? I need five RCA cables to connect the Processor/Preamp to the Amp. I was looking at the Tara labs 2200iq (I think that is the model) vs the MIT Level 2 Stuff or possible the Level above it (I can't remember if the higher stuff was level 1 or 3). Any comments suggestions is appreciated.

2. Has any one used or heard anything about the 14 gauge Bi-wire that Taralabs sells, I think its $4.95 a foot. I don't remember the model name. Also will I notice a difference if I bi-wire my fronts speakers and not my center channel? I don't think my center channel speaker is bi-wireable. Any comments or suggestions is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Try (cable section)
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