Harmony 670- Disappointed


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I have had my 670 for about 3 months now and I must say that I'm a bit disappointed.
Sam 6187 DLP/Tosh XA2 HD DVD/ScAtl HD DVR/Onkyo reciever
Set up was fairly easy.
-I find that when I initiate a start up, lets say TV w/ receicver through PVR, ocasionally (but regularly) a unit will not turn on or will not be set to the right mode. The help menu will get me corrected but it's annoying. Sometimes it will forget to turn off my HD DVD palyer.
-There are funtions that I can't find on it like when I want to record on the PVR (Cable DVR) there is a yellow triangular button on the original remote that must be used that responds to "accept". I can't find it's corresponding button on the 670.
-When I want to change sound modes on my reciever I have to go to device and scroll through a bunch of options that makes it not worth it.
-When using a funtion like exit I find the layout very user unfriendly and find it difficult to find.
-When watching TV/Receiver and I want to turn down the TV volume to use surround only it's just not worth trying to find the TV volume, I just use the DVR remote which is easy.
When watching I always have the DVR and other remotes nearby and handy.
So, it's OK to turn stuff on (and off) so I don't have to search for comp vs HDMI 1 and 2, but not at all what I expected. maybe a 4 or 5 out of 10. I thought that my other remotes would not be needed at all, but I would be lost w/o having them around. Are there other, maybe newer remotes, that address some of these issues?

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I am not familiar with Harmony remotes, but I would think some additional programming on your part would solve most, if not all, of your problems.

Your first problem is solved by using discrete on/off commands in your macros.

The second problem is not really a problem at all. You can't expect a universal remote to have every possible button, including yellow triangles, green clovers and purple horseshoes. Sometimes you have to be a little inventive and find an unused key that makes logical sense for the function you want to store.

Your third problem (changing sound modes) might be solved by either a macro or discrete commands for the sound modes you use most often.

There's not much you can do about your fourth problem (button layout) since you've already bought the remote.

Problem five (TV volume): why are you using your TV speakers at all?

As for suggestions for other remotes, I like the JP1 remotes (I have a URC-9910), but you will likely run into some of the same issues if you do not take the time to program the remote. You mention searching for HDMI 1,2, etc., but if you set up your activities properly, you shouldn't ever have to manually change inputs.

For instance, on my remote, if I hold down the DVD button, my remote turns on the DVD player (if it's not already on), turns on the receiver (if not already on) and sets it to DVD mode, turns on the TV (if not already on) and sets it to Input 4.

When I hit play (in DVD mode), the lights dim.

When I hit pause, the lights go to low level.

When I switch to another input (by holding down SAT, CD, etc.), the lights come back on.

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your problems stems from the fact that the harmony remotes are horrible. they require you to fire the IR signal directly in front of equipment. the programming itself, although easy is putrid compared to other brands like Universal's remotes. I would sell the thing and get a better remote.

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Which one do you recommend?

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As as far as the previous post, I don't know if you were trying to be trite, but I don't care if it is a green horseshoe, but not to be able activate a function like record is a major flaw to me and that's one reason why I need to have my other remote around.

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I was referring to your "yellow triangle" button. Good luck finding a universal remote that has a yellow triangle on it. That's a very specific button that your cable provider implemented on its remote.

I'm not sure why you insist on keeping your other remote around when you could simply store this "accept" function on an unused button on the universal remote. There's not always a clear one-to-one mapping from the buttons on your OEM remotes to the universal remote; sometimes you have to be a little inventive, rather than saying, "this universal remote doesn't have a yellow triangle on it; it must be junk."

Good luck finding a universal remote to do everything you want it to do, but any remote you buy will require some effort on your part to program it. Your above gripes with your Harmony suggest that you haven't taken the time to program it properly.
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