Speaker wire should be same length?


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As the title states, should cable length be the same to two different speakers?

Circumstances have changed meaning a reaarange of speakers. So currently I have a 2 metre length of qed silver anniversary xt to one speaker and a lenth of 8 metres of gale xl 105 to another. I'm clearly not gonna stick with gale as this is a temporary solution.

I'm wondering if I should buy 2x10 metres of qed silver anniversary xt or just 1x10 metre and keep the 2 metre as this would work as my amp will be close to one of the speakers. Of course this is price related, 20 metres of the stuff will cost me £100!!


Cheers, JJ

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They should be the same, but the sound (due to the location of the speakers being different) will far outweigh any time alignment or insertion loss due to cable length.
You might be able to measure the difference in 200.00 speaker wire over that of 30.00 wire, but you will never hear it.
However, if having high dollar wire makes you get a warm fuzzy.. by all means spend as much as you can afford on it.

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Oops sorry I phrased that wrongly I meant as in to two separate speakers. The speakers are both the same lol, why o why would anyone have two different speakers in a stereo setup!?

I object a little to the inability to distinguish between cables. I used Gale on both speakers in my setup. Then move to QED on both and noticed a big difference with detail and the treble being far better.

I just wanted to know how much of a negative effect having different lengths of speaker wire was.

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This may sound silly, but look at my profile and see the change I made in my speaker wire. I invested about $10 (USD) in what I am currently using for speaker wire, which displaced ~$500 (USD) of what I was using.

You never know what will work better until you try it is all I could say.

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Match them up J. Buy the 2x10 mtr for both speakers...otherwise my ocd's will be off the scale just thinkin' about it! No really why not match them up if you can.
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