I just bought a Samsung DVD-M101 player and am trying to get others opinions on which ouput connection delivers the best picture. Please give me some answers.

For the best picture, you should use the component video input connectors. Those are the ones with 3 different jacks that mark Y, B, R. However, it's only possible if your TV has this type of video input. If it doesn't, the the S-video cable would be the next best choice. I'm sure all good TVs less than 7 years old have this. The worst one is the yellow RCA jack because it puts all signals (b/w and colors) into one wire.

The best is in order,

best-Component - three wire
better-S Video- single cable

I have a Thomson 28WR25UG TV & a LG DVD4750 player. I noticed very slight picture distortion while using the scart connection,which started to bug me a little. I tried connecting the two with an S-video connection, and the distortion seems to have gone. I have a Cambridge-Audio scart lead, which is fairly good,so that should not be the problem. Why may this be, if the scart connection should be better? Please give us your thoughts.

Does it matter if I used monster banana plugs or other expensive bananas compared to a labelled "gold plated" banana plug from Radio Shack.
If it's 'labelled' gold plates is it really that what it stated.
Should that pros recommend buying anything from Radio Shack, please especify what things are quality products from Radio Shack??!!

I have just bought a DVD Player, but I have a problem that my TV (8yrs old with coax socket only) does not have a RCA socket. Can I play the DVD through my Decoder's scart plug and what are the connections if it is possible. When I play the DVD through the VCR the picture is out of sync due to the copying protection on the DVD disc.

Here is a link for a S-Video to RF Coax and other converters.

any one know what's the best scart lead to purchase?
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