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I just received two optical audio cables from BlueJean. Their response was fast and I got them quickly through USPS priority mail.

My question is about the termination of the cables. I thought optical cables needed to have a smooth, polished end. The ends on these cables are at an angle and uneven. You can plainly see the uneven surface without magnification. The degree of slant is such that one side of the termination is flush with the plastic while the other protrudes about half the thickness of a credit card.

I have not tried the cables yet, but I was curious and thought I would ask you folks here if you thought this was normal.

To BlueJeans credit they do offer an excellent return policy on these if I am not satisfied in anyway... so I'm in no way discrediting BlueJean. I just want to know if what I've got here is normal or if I should replace them.

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I'm not sure about the termination of an optical cable. I know I have an optical cable from radio shack and it ends in a flat manner, at least not what I would describe as jagged by any means. I'm sure one of the more experienced members could answer that better.

I was also wondering if you have purchased any other cables from blue jean and how well you liked those. I was specifically looking at some analog interconnects and digital coax from them. What are some other cables that you have tried from other companyies that you liked/hated?

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Well as it happens, I am using the cables and I have not noticed a problem.

Other cables I have purchased from BlueJeans include their subwoofer cable. It is very nice quality. I also considered their 5.1 direct cables for SACD. They were going to run about $80 for 3 feet interconnect between my CD player and my receiver. Instead I shopped around.
I looked at Ebay and found Monster certified THX component cables for about $15 each. (I would have needed 2 of these)
Then I looked further and found some Ixos component cables for the same price.
It was cheaper to buy two component video cables then to buy the 5.1 cables.
Basically after searching around ebay and other online stores I found to be representative of the best prices I could find.

You can get the Monsters 5.1 for $50
The Ixos 5.1 for $64
The Monster standard THX on Ebay for $15
The Ixos Component Video on Ebay and A4L for $15

Eventually I went with the Ixos on A4L because shipping options were good + reputation.

I imagine BlueJeans analogue interconnects and digital coax would be very, very nice. My subwoofer cable from BlueJeans is premium and I'm glad I went with that one. But for the analogue audio I chose to save a little money.

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thanks for the input, I have also found that accesories4less is a great site, I'm actually thinking of buying my new receiver from them, except it is currently out of stock. Thanks again for your answer!

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I have been using Blue Jeans Cables for more than a year now - 5.1, coax and speaker cables. All are excellent quality - and my wife and I have pitted them against much more expensive cables - and could not tell the difference.

I do not hesitate to recommend these cables for quality and for price. And no - I am NOT a dealer, just a long-time music-lover who believes in quality.

I can't address the Toslink issue, as I long ago decided that coax was better for me - less chance of jitter cropping up. Good luck! Blue Jeans DOES answer customer questions!

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How would anyone out there rate the blue jeans cable over radio shack gold or the new acoustic research cables available at best buy? Is the money saved worth it or has anyone heard or noticed a difference by switching up to the blue jean cables?

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With my system (B&W 704 speakers, Primare I30 amp and Denon 3910 solid state /Doge 6 tub cd-player) I have had very difficult to fault event the cheapy that comes with most systems in blind test. However in the end it might be worth paying a little for better interconnections and shielding (particularly if you have a lot of interfering signals and electrics around). Although I have been able to fault some of the more expensive fancy ones in direct comparison, e.g. I do not like Monster cables.
I have found Blue Jeans Cables to be good value for money, further more I think their reasoning and information seem mostly serious and well founded.
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