"You do not need to be an expert to hear differences between cables"


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I just stumbled upon this quite an interesting article on tech zone, explaining cables and why and how they alter sound. Have a read here:
but bear in mind the chap who wrote this, runs his cable business ;)

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Finker:I Read Mr. Blake's article , which was okay, but not very informative to me since I have an electronics background and I already knew the information in his article. Sorry, there are much better articles on interconnects and speaker wire. He states that "cables alter the sound" yet he failed to provide scientific and conclusive information why. Every cable is subject to RFI and EMI this is common knowledge. But lately even the cheapest but decent cables, that which I use will provide more than adequate protection from interference problems. Even the most inexpensive cables have at least one often two and sometimes three or more braided metallic shields which are necessary for for rf and emi rejection. A decent cable, meaning not one that is necessarily expensive, but one that is sensibly designed with sound design principles proven and accepted amoung the cable industry should alter the sound very, very little. This difference cannot be heard in nearly all circumstances, and is proveable through ABX testing. It is a far cry away from anything of concearn. I would worry more about surge protection than any cable or speaker wire. It is obvious that this article is a little biased since this person works for a cable company. Mention anything about ABX testing to this guy and I bet he would run for cover.
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