What cables/wires to buy?


i will soon be a proud owner of the onkyo hts650.since the wires and stuff that come with system is crap, i was wondering what kind of wires and cables i should get. i already have 50 ft. of 16gauge monster cable, but i dont know if that will be enough for all speakers. but i already decided getiing more from home depot ,since i think they will provide the same amount of quality signal. but i wanted to know what brand of optical and sub cable you guys recommend besides monsters. they are just too expensive. svideo cable too.

rob p
i have acoustic research cables...optical, sub and speaker wire and have very pleased with them so far. i paid $121 for 2 optical cables, 2 of their audio/video packages & a spool of wire. i remember seeing s video cables at best buy.

Try Radio Shack's Gold Series.

Definitely, go Radio Shack. Comparable quality at half the price of Monster's.


Do _not_ go with Radio Shack, and definitely not with the gold series (in which you get the same build quality as the regular stuff, with a 100% markup for shininess). RS cables will have connectors break over time, and in the case of speaker wire, they will oxidize within _weeks_. I definitely agree about the AR cables; AR is the best balance I've found between build quality and price.

As for the speaker wire, don't buy it from the same company you buy your A/V interconnects from: they'l sell you 16-guage stuff (ture of both AR and Monster). Go for 12-guage wire from a company that specializes in speaker wire, and don't pay mors-sean $2 per foot under any circumstances.
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