I challenge you to solve this one.


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I just bought a Sony RDRHX900 DVD DVR. Like a Tivo, only different.

It comes with an IR blaster which is an IR emitter on a wire plugged into the DVD DVR. You place the emitter on the cable box near the IR receptor. It is supposed to allow you to use the DVR remote to control the Cable box.

I programmed everything just fine. Except for this.

When I use the DVR Remote on the DVR it works fine from across the room.

When I use the DVR remote to control the Cable box, it only works when I get within 1 foot of the DVR.

Is this a problem withthe remote? I don't think so since it works well on the DVR.

Is it a problem with the blaster? Maybe but why does the blaster work when I am within 1 foot of the DVR? Is it the blasters placement? Maybe but why does the proximity to the DVR help?

Is it the Cable box? No, because the Cable box works well with it's own remote.

Is it the code? Maybe, but not the signal, maybe the signal strength.

I can't figure this out.

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I'm going to go for the placement as the answer. Try moving the emitter to cover more area on the cable box's remote eye. As you move closer to the DVR you are putting more voltage into the system. With more voltage into the system the chances of everything working correctly improve. This would be the same situation as if the batteries in the remote were weak. Try placement and see if that solves the problem.


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Thanks Jan. I will vary placement.

I don't understand this stuff at all. Are you saying that the increased voltage of the remote being closer to the RDR actually increases the voltage of the Blaster? I had assumed that it was more of a signal integrity issue in the remote's codes for the motorola cable box.

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Jan, you were right. That fixed it.

Now all I have to contend with is the fact that this Sony model has a hard time downloading the EPG. I think I am probably stuck with that and will have to learn how to program by muscle.

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