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I am assembling a home theater system and have all the pieces except for the speaker cable. In researching cable (no longer is it referred to as wire) I had no idea how much you could spend but want to get the best out of my components. High end cable seems to be called reference cable although I don't know why. After researching brands like Monster, JPS, Kimber, et al I keep being pulled back to bettercables.com and puresilversound.com. Would love to read a comparison review. Any comments?

Also in reading reviews, they appear to be highly subjective in that some love one while others trash the same product. I know that in evaluating audio, what sounds the best to the individual is what counts but at the prices involved here don't want to make an expensive wrong choice and find it impractical to purchase two for a personal side-by-side comparison. I want to get a good product from the start and be done with it. I suppose consistency of opinion is the best when it comes to reviews. Any comments with experience with both products welcome.

post your email and i'll send you a report I found on this subject. Also pictures of my Bi wire set

Thanks for the help.

im also looking for good reference speaker cable. i dont have 9500 dollars for a 4'length of cable. what would be a bood compromise? i have sunfire amps 1 ea. sitting right behind my monolith 111's speakers, im using a denon avp8000 processor, soon to swithch to a proceed avp2. can you give me recommendations. the wire is only 9 inches , and i need 8 of them because i have a passive crossover for each speaker. thank you very much. kenyon miller

David Gifford
I'm sure the decision on your cables has been made already, but Nelson Pass, of Pass Labs, has a interesting article on cables on his website, www.passlabs.com/articles.htm He makes some of the best amps in the world and is bound to be knowledgeable in all aspects of audio. Anyone planning to shell out big$$$ on cables should read his article.
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