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I've been looking for an s-video to compsite cable. I've seen several advertised on the net. Most look pretty cheap (quality wise), but the Monster Entec CSVC-1 looks like it is high quality, but it's rather expensive. Has anyone had any experience using an s-video to composite cable or adapter? I'm looking for some guidance on what to buy. I'd like to find a bidirectional cable that just plugs into the s-video connectors on my A/V receiver and into the composite connectors on my TV and VCR. I don't want to have to buy an 2 s-video cables, 2 "adapters" and 2 composite cables. Feel free to reply directly to my email.

After I stopped to think about it for a minute, I solved my own problem. Since I don't have an s-video connection on my TV, it makes no since to use the s-video connection on my A/V receiver. I don't get any benefit. I should just use the composite video connections on my VCR, DVD player, and SAT receiver and let my A/V receiver switch between my SAT receiver, VCR, and DVD player instead of messing with s-video connections. Sounds like I need to get a new TV.

I'd like to make this same request:
I'm purchasing a CVP from Madrigal, to handle all the video switching for the AVP-2 pre-amp, decoder.

The output of the CVP is either component video, or composite (RCA) video.

My current monitor is a Sony XBR 53" rear projection monitor, with either composite, or s-video inputs, no component inputs.

The issue is somewhat complicated by the cable distance between the AVP-2/CVP and the projection monitor (30'). Currently there's a RCA cable between the video switcher and the monitor, and the picture quality is rather good.

I'm interested in knowing if using the CSVC-1 on the monitor end of the current RCA - RCA cable and driving the s-video input of the Sony-XBR monitor would help with transmission quality and better colors?

Please feel free to email me directly.

Before running out and laying down the green for "commercial" adapter, look at


This cost me a total of $4.7? all I had to buy was a svideo connector from Radio Shack, and used a composite (RCA) cable I had at home.

Works great, good picture.
As to if it is better 1 way than another, i dont know. My DVD had s-vider out ONLY ($44 at Wally world).

This http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/pshowdetl.cfm?&PartNumber=180-141&DID=7 will do too.
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