Optical cables??


Anyone know where to get a good Optical cable to run from my DVD player to my receiver...for a reasonable price? Monster is mega-expensive. Any other brand/options that are cheaper?? What would be the difference? It would seem to me that 'light' is 'light'...right??

Sure, light is light; either the signal gets through or it doesn't. I guess the differentiator is the construction (cable housing and terminators).

The "Acoustic Research" optical cable is a good choice. You can get it at Best Buy for about 20 bucks. It's a good quality constructed cable at a reasonable price. Nice housing and cable ends.

I don't recommend spending 40 bucks on Monster Cable brand optical cable. As a matter of fact, my father uses the Monster Cable, and the plastic housing on the ends of the cables disintegrated while I was routing it through a hole in the back of his entertainment center. It opened up and the actual fiber optic cable was exposed. I think Monster over engineered this cable and should of just kept it simple.

Another bad choice is the "Hosa" optical cable. Sound City sells this piece of crap for about 19 bucks. I ordered this cable from them. I waited 30 days for these butt-heads to ship it to me, only to find a cheaply made extremely thin 1/16 inch thick piece of junk. Light is light, but come on. I'm very dissapointed in Sound City and don't think I'll every buy anything from them again.

Thanks for the advice, Taber. I'll have to stop back at BestBuy and see if I can find it. Last time I was there, all they wanted to show me was Monster brand...

get monster, it's lifetime guarantee, but yes, light is light.
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