Expensive vs Cheap Cables advice needed


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I'll be getting a NAD C352 Amp and a set of Whaferdale Pacific Evolution-20.

I see there is a lot of controversy surrounding this issue, so here's what I need to know:

Will expensive cable and interconnects have any impact on this system, or should I opt for inexpensive 16 gauge copper wire?

Thanks in advance for any advice. I sure need it.

P.S. Allthough this is not the correct forum, I'd like to hear what you think of these speakers.

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With respect to the guage of the wire, you can follow what the manufacturer recommends. You may be better off with 14 guage and for longer runs 12 guage.

Now for expensive versus inexpensive . . . as you point out there are many opinions. I personally went with basic speaker cabling (14/2 CL3) that I bought in bulk. Not the cheapest, but they're on the low end. I have no issues with noise, hum, etc. and the system sounds great.

Also, if you're going to spend on banana plugs, I'd forgo that (its a one time convenience item) and spend the extra on the cable.

For interconnects, I made my own using RG6 Coaxial cable (yep the same stuff used for satellite and digital cable). I bought these RCA compression connectors(http://www.smarthome.com/849317.html). If you want higher-end RCA connectors try (http://www.performanceaudio.com/cgi/pages.cgi?buildPage=item&ProductID=000406).

I use the cables for audio connections, including coaxial digital (S/PDIF - orange) and component video. The HDTV picture is awesome!

Good luck.
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