My Husband is gonna KILL me!!! PLEASE help!!


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I was moving furniture around the other day and while moving the tv and surround sound.. I broke the yellow video cable off into the surround sound!!! I tried tweezers and needle nose pliers and all that did was push it in farther... I do have a spot for and S Video cable.. will that work if the peg is still stuck in the other?/ Please help this is the new surround sound I just bought him for Xmas.. PLEASE HELP!!!

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Make it a challenge, start with telling him he'll be facing a really tricky DIY. Besides, he's very lucky having a wife who gives him A/V presents :-)

Good luck

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my life is a mess nothing i do any more makes me happ. some body pls kill me

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Kelly, if my wife did what you described, I definitely wouldn't kill her. Maybe I'd tie her up and torture her for a few days-but definitely not kill her. I think someone will have to remove the cover to get at this problem. Best left to a professional. You're an angel for giving your husband these av toys. We love this stuff.

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Probably if you keep pushing, the pin will fall through on the inside of the unit. You can then replace it with another cable.

Now, if it falls across two wires and shorts out the unit, make certain your husband is the one who turns it on. When it blows up, look astonished, part the smoke and ask him what he did wrong. Offer to take care of the repairs and explain the situation to the repair tech. A few extra dollars and no word to your husband. I think this was an episode of "I Love Lucy". Lucy pretended to be the TV broadcaster or got her head stuck in the TV, I can't remember which.


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wow, thats not good. i think you should just call a repairman ASAP. i dont think your husband would really get all that mad considering you bought it for him. as a matter of fact if i was him i would just be gratefull for the gift lol. but i guess either try some of the suggestions before mine (i.e. the pushing it through to the other side) or just call a repairman. hope things work out for you! =)

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just leave the wire to rest on it tell him it aint working and could he have a look at it and when it falls of make it look like he did it i do it to my husband all the time all the best x x
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