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I have two rooms. One is cable ready the other is not. I split the signal from the one room to the other room, but the cable is all over the floor and crosses the hallway. Does anyone know a good way to keep the cable from becom ing a tripping hazard. Thanks!


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With out seeing a floor plan or your cable routing, it's hard to say what might work best for you.

That being said, there are several ways to keep wires from being a hazard. Along floors and baseboards, T-25/37 staples work well. Hot glue also works, and looks a bit cleaner in the end. There is also wire mould, which not only hide wires along floors, and baseboards but can be run up walls and across ceilings.

Crossing halls is another matter, and depends on the flooring. You can go under carpet. By pulling up the carpet and cutting a channel in the padding, the wire will sit flush and not leave a bump where it crosses the hall. Tile or hard wood... well... you'd have to start with a router or chissel and go from there. Crossing the hall up high is another option. If there's picture moulding, you can follow that around the perimeter of the hall, then go into the room and drop down inside. You can also do this down low, following the baseboard and crossing any doorways by stapling tight to the saddle if there is one.There's also a rubber floor strip which resembles a doorway saddle. It has a channel where the wires sit so they don't present a tripping danger. They're used a lot for mic wires around speaker podeums. I don't remember what it's called, but it's not real attractive.

Search cable/wire managment, routing, safty, flooring strips or simillar.
When all else fails... there's always Duct Tape!

Good Luck.


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