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I've been doing some research on RG6 cable and connectors because I'm hearing about a lot of different types, so I thought I'd ask here for opinions. I have Directv, and a triple LNB dish, and I'm getting HD also. I've heard that it is always best to have one run of cable from the LNB to the satellite receiver without any breaks from connectors etc. Mine gets broken twince by a grounding block and at the wall plate. One person will say that won't make a difference, and another will say that a digital signal doesn't like to be broken at all. Opinions? Now, about RG6 cable....there is regular RG6, double shielded, quad shielded, etc. How much does all this matter? In other words, if I redo my cable with the "quad shielded" for example, and make sure it is one unbroken run all the way to the satellite receiver, using the best connectors, will I walk in and see a difference in my picture, or is there a point when it becomes overkill? For even a slight difference I'm willing to do it, but I'm not sure if it is necessary. I've even heard you should even cap off all unused F connections on your LNB etc. to avoid signal "jumping". To sum it it worth it being "obsessive" about this? I already am by nature, but I do know that sometimes it's not necessary. Any, any feedback greatly appreciated!

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Hi there!

There's lots to cover so...

1) The groung block is for electrical damage, usually from electrical storms and is usually required by the satellite receiver manufacturer, installation company and your insurance company. RG6 flames when hit by lightning! The wall plate keeps the house neat and tidy.

2) Digital signals shouldn't care and in my experience don't.

3) The shielding on RG6 matters most when exposed to interferance from local television stations (as an example) or if picking up noise from electrical lines. It shouldn't effect the cable from the LNB to the receiver.

4) Generally we would cap cable feeds NOT LNB feeds. I haven't heard of this one.

Regarding the obsessive issue, I think it's not necessary! At least on this topic!

Good luck
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