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Ok, I potentially need to run a long (30-50') component cable from a projector to an xbox/dvd player. Many online retailers show prices for such component cables of this length anywhere from $200 down to about $30 on ebay. What should I be looking for in order to choose a good set of component cables for running an xbox/dvd player on a projector? What are some of the standards I should expect in good cables and what are some of the extras that might enhance performance.. Thanks!

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In the catagory of cables for your type of installation, which I assume has the wire in the walls and ceiling for part of the journey, application requires specific code adherence. In that case the quality will be exceptional.

We sell a 50 foot component cable with compression fittings on a good quality RG6 cable for $70 USD plus shipping. Let us know if you can't find them locally at

Good luck

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I have purchased an Infocus 4805 projector. The receiver will be ~30 feet from the projector and I will need component cables for the HD signal and the DVD signal. What are good cables (good quality) for this? What is the price on this length?
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