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Sry, I know this is in the wrong section but I really need some advice. I'm getting a laptop for college and I want it to be good for 4 years, meaning i don't really wanna add a bunch of crap. Prob go with the Dell D820 though still thinking about the Dell D620, if anyone has had either notebook please leave your opinions. My main question is is it worth $100 bucks to upgrade the processor from 1.67ghz to 1.83, and is it worth 120 to have 2.0 GB, ddr2-667 sdram 2 dimms compared to 1 gb ddr2-533 sdram 2 dimms....

thanks for all your help.

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For college you might want to stick with a 12 inch screen laptop becasue it gets really heavy carrying around a 15 inch one. Trust me i know. Stick with 1GB of ram. However if you were going to get a 15 inch laptop make it a Core Duo. It is worth the investment. Since you want an investment for 4 years it is really worth it.

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First off don't get a Dell. Their support is horrible and they products are getting worse and worse as far as reliability.

Go with an HP with an AMD Turion processor
60+ Gb HDD space
And a 14" screen

I say a 14" because its the perfect middle road between size, portability, and weight. Also get the 80H warranty from bestbuy. Its 359$ but it covers all hardware on the latop for 3 years and is completely worth it. (I worked for BB for awhile as a GeekSquad agent and trust me you DON'T want to be without a warranty on a laptop and the new BB warranty covers the LCD which almost all other warranties do not)

Also Dells are notoriously heavy and run desktop processors on their laptops, meaning that they consume a ridiculous amount of power and so kill your battery really fast. But always check your schools req.'s for the software that you need. And don't buy software from a retail store. But it at your chosen college because the student discounts will be huge. And get a netgear wireless card while your at it. They're better then the built in and a lot of campuses are going fully wireless.
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