Composite to A/V to S-Video


I have a Sony DVD player with Composite and S-Video. I'm about to purchase a A/V receiver with both. But the issue I have is that my TV only supports S-Video.

Would there be any benefit to me using Composite from the DVD to Receiver then S-Video to TV, rather than S-Video all the way through?

If I go S-Video all the way through I would assume the electronics within the receiver would forward a cleaner signal. Whereas if it has to digitally change (or downgrade) the signal from the higher Composite to the S-Video, would I notice a difference? Plus for future my next TV will definitely have composite for HD (way in the future).

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Oops, I meant Component not Composite. So my DVD has the highest available, Component video outputs but my TV only can handle S-video at the max...

Unless your TV and DVD player are progressive-scan, you may as well run S-Video. If you must use Component, Run S-Video though your receiver for convenience and run the Component directly to the TV and switch to that input on the TV.

Some receivers; high-end Denons, Onkyos and Kenwoods actually DO convert S' to Component and back. Hope you are that lucky.
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