Splitting Coaxial Connection....Need guidance.


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I have Comcast Digital Cable and need to split my cable several times. I want to do this right, so I don't degrade my connections.

CableTV coming into my house is split to multiple rooms, so I don't know how much degradation is happening right away.

In my Family foom I have a Coax jack and cable which is immediately connected to a signal booster which the Cable Guy put in. From there it goes into a three way splitter , A goes to Broadband Modem, B goes to my Comcast Digital (not HD) cable box and C goes to a TV my wife wanted in the kitchen nearby (which I fished through walls.)

Now I want to put in a DVD DVR (Sony rdr hx900) and think the optimal way to place it is to split the cable again and run E the TV and B to the CableBox then to DVD-DVR and then Component Video out to TV. That way when my DVD DVR is recording a premium channel I can still be watching a non-premium channel; plus I get the Component Video connection from my DVD to the TV.

Three questions:

Is this the right arrangement?
Should I be boosting the signal more? After all I am splitting the connection 4 ways now.
Should I split off the Broadband Cable before splitting for remaining 3 connections? I hear broadband connections degrade faster than CATV.
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