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To start I'm driving an '08 Nissan Altima Coupe.

Is there any chance I could fit 12"s in the trunk, and where can I find enclosures that might possibly fit my '08 Nissan Altima Coupe? The enclosure I have listed below is non-ported, and I really would like something with a large kick to it.

Subwoofers: 2 x Alpine SWR-1042D

Subwoofer Amplifier: JL Audio 500/1v2
Should I do the 1000 watts model or will 500 be enough to power two subs?

Speakers: Alpine SPR-17C

Speaker amplifier: Alpine PDX-4.150
Should I get a different kind, a non-digital JLAudio one maybe? If so which kind? Or will this be fine?

Enclosure: ZEnclosure box custom made for '08 Nissan Altima Coupe. x_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ38647QQihZ025QQitemZ380042212936QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZ WDVW
This is a non-ported enclosure. Will this make a very large difference when it comes to power? If so, what enclosure brands should I look at that might work well?

Thanks for any responses I'm really ignorant about this stuff

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That enclosure looks nice but it completly seals your subs in the trunk by the looks of it. That makes it rather difficult for the sound wave to make it into the cabin of the car. As for putting 2 12" subs in your trunk i have no experience with that car. But if you want a nice enclosure Fisher customs does great work.

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i'd go with a different, larger, box for them. and yes, ported would definately be the way to go with your type rs', imo. as for sub amp, i'd also say get something different and with more power. post a budget and you'll get some better recommendations then the jls'. and the speakers, chances are you may like the sound of a nice set of components in the front and amp those instead of replacing all the coaxs' and amping them all. again, post a budget and you'll get good recommendations. the rears', you can just leave the stock ones in or replace them with a decent set and leave them running off the headunit.

nice choice in speaker amp line though, the pdx is a great amp. imo just pick up a pdx 100.2 and a nice set of components for that if wanting that line of amps.

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no need to be sorry Bob..
ignorance is NOT asking.... good luck

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Budget is going to be around $2k total for the whole project

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No prefab boxes...... but the rest of that is nice equipment.

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here's a little system that wouldn't require much of an electrical upgrade.

head unit - jvc arsenal kd-ar5500 - $189.99 html

subs - pair of ed 13kv.2 subs - $150?

sub amp - sundown sae1000d - $300

components - pioneer ts-d1720c - $130?

component amp - kicker zx200.2 - $109.99

sound deadner - 80sqft. second skin damplifier - $250?

custom box (either woodlawn or fishercustoms) - $250?

total - around $1,630. give or take a few depending on box costs, and shipping costs on several of the items. if wanting to save even more, you could go with edead sound deadner instead of second skin and probably save about $120-130 doing so. should leave you enough for wiring, etc. and probably a decent set of coaxs' for the rear if wanting to upgrade those to (just leave them running off the head unit imo).
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