Sosche meter...any good?


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i know i can get my system meter but i dont want to pay evrytime i change something(box size, subs, positioning of box ect..) so will this due? like jsut to give me a general idea, idont think my system is gunna be above 135db but it would be nice if it was lol...i jsut want something cheap for now, and i might get one of those ones that mounts on ur dash that goes to 150db(cant remember the site) and they are like 200$ but dont have money for that rite ne ways if someone could please tell me if its worth getting that would be great..thanx

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You can use these to see if you gain/lost dB, even if they wont go up as loud as your system. Simply block off the mic, to muffle what it recieves, so it stays below it's limit..

You wont know your true dB, but it'll help with tuning/adjusting for maximum SPL.

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yeah i saw this in a walmart and i yelled into the mic pretty loud and it went to 115dB i didnt scream or anything but i seriously doubt that i can yell at 115dB

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Yelling directly into it, I think 115 dB is probably about right. Kind of like the difference between hitting 150 dB inside the port of a sub, and 150 dB at the dashboard that's just 3 feet away, etc.

Go yell as loud as you can right into someones ear... It'll hurt, and you'll probably get bitchslapped. :-)

120 dB is a generally accepted number (at least to people who arent used to it) for the point where sound gets painful. Yelling directly into someones ear hurts more than just a little (again - I'm speaking 'in general'). :-)

So I have no doubts at all you yelled at 115 dB directly into a mic.
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