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I bought an Alpine SWR 1242 D off of Ebay, and it blew out on me on the highway, and of course I had no warranty. It was in a subzone vented box. Everyone told me that alpine doesnt make good subs, and not to get it, but i still got it, and I will tell anyone who thinks Alpine subs are a joke, that its one of the hardest hitting 12's out there. But i think that since I had it in a vented box I lost low/deep bass? however it was still loud as hell. I want to know what it sounds like in a sealed box. This sub hits harder than any 12' Infinity, Its harder than the JL Audio 12w3v2. By the way I've got an Alpine MRD-M605 amp which is lovely and digital, If you've got one, what kind of box and amp are you working with? Let me know.

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I never had problem with the type R I had and i was feeding it a lotttt more power then the 605 is putting out. I was putting about 800 watts rms into the one i had haha. And it never blew nor sounded bad. Hit hard as a, yeah, hard lol. Well for a mid class sub it hit hard. But I dunno how you could blew yours?

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I have 8 Infinity 1230w's I use. Although, I also have 2 Alpine SWE 1242E's I have no room to use and they do hit pretty hard... but not as hard as 2 of my Infinities.

BTW One Alpine sub is for sale.

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You're sub could of blew for minny reasons.
You're box could of been to big causing the sub to hyperextend, or you could of been running the gain on you're amp to high and clipped the sub to deth... or you could of just gotten a bad egg.:-)

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Its a good mystery, I dont know what went wrong, but I do remember that right before it blew out and my car started to smell like smoke that, on my touch screen CD player (JVC KD-LHX500) I put the output of the bass up to 8 which is usually the highest it goes before it feels like my car has an earthquake in it. I think it still should've held up though, so when I got home I popped my trunk open, and I see white smoke coming out of the vent of my box. I dont know if my box is to big, its a single 12 inch vented box made by Subzone. I do also have 4-gauge wires running to it that best buy assembled for me. I tried to get my sub replaced through EBAY but never got feedback from the seller so. But yeah although the sub blew out on me, I'll still say it hits hard as crap, my friend had a Alpine type R sub but it was the older version, 1000 watts max, and his was banging, so thats what made me want to get this new model. I dont have any cross over or bass blockers, because on my equalizer on my CD player I can adjust the bass on the speakers so I usually just keep bass coming from all speakers (doors and trunk) should I get rid of that still and get bass blockers? It sounds better when each area is coming with a little bass though. I was thinking of getting the Rockford Fosgate T112D4 instead of getting another type R, but i dont know I've read some reviews on it, and people are saying it has a low response to fast bass, but it sounds like a killer so? Maybe I should get 2 Type R's. However, I might need to get a new battery for my accord though, because I can barely listen to music in my car for about 10 minutes without the car turned on, without my battery dying out. Sucks, what yall think? By the way, Alpine type R users: does this sub hit harder than the JL Audio 12w3v2?

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yes it hits alot harder than a W3. W3s are more sq than spl, plus the RMS's on them dont match up.

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See dont get me wrong I love the sub and it hits hard as hell, but the bass only has like one sound (if that makes any sense) like its low sounds the same as its high. Is that because I have a vented box? I think that might be the reason why I dont get a real deep low bass sound? I talked to this one guy who works at a sub store and I told him what amp I have (Alpine MRD-M605) and I think he said make sure your subsonic filter is turned on? which I think it was. But I think theres so much air coming out of the vent that you cant tell when theres a low bass note in a track. Any ideas?
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