XXX or MOFO Which sub combination will be better??????


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I am currently in the process of trying to purchase subwoofers. i amm not really interested in sq mostly spl. all i really care about is being heard in the next town over. i want the nass to travel.

i am considering closely the Power acoustik mofo series. i was thinking of purchasing 2 12" subs b/c i can get them for $340 for both.
But i have seen that many of you are big big fans of the resoant engineering xxx sub, however you only recommend 1 of these at a time or i will fry my battery etc.
i honestly dont know what the cost of a 12" would be in the rexxx sub.

so what will be better 1 12" xxx at 1600 rms of 2 12" mofo at 1000 rms each. also any other speaker suggestions would be appreciated as well as any suggested amps to run either system.

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well personally i think that the rexxx would be the better choice...but i guess i havent heard a lot of the poweracoustik stuff...heres the prices for all of re's subs(these are 2004 prices but they should be about the same...)

2004 Prices Re direct

RE8- $49
RE10- $59
RE12- $69

SE10- $149
SE12- $169
SE15- $199

SX10- $239
SX12- $249
SX15- $269
SX18- $309

XXX10- $359
XXX12- $369
XXX15- $399
XXX18- $429

MT10- $409
MT12- $419
MT15- $449
MT18- $479

as u can see the rexxx 15 is only like 30 bucks more and with one of those u will for sure be heard...

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With the RE XXX you're getting a reliable sub that can get loud while maintaining great SQ. The Mofo's will get loud, but will really lack SQ while not being very stable at the same time. RE's all the way. I'd suggest the SX btw. It's a louder sub than the XXX, at a cheaper price tag.

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get the mofo man...alot louder than XXX

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I personally dislike poweracoustik, from what I've personally listened to at least, but then again I haven't heard a MOFO, I just hope it's not as g@y as the name...

The XXX isn't really an spl sub, and no, if you want to get as loud as possible, then it's not for you.

From what I've experienced though, I know any Resonant Engineering stuff is gonna be better quality, and more reliable than poweracoustik.
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