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Enclosure materials...James Longo4
Need some advice Subfanatic10
This looks insane!!!!Hunter Warren7
MTX RFL152Joe Smoe12
(bored) Best SystemHunter Warren72
Haha, off topic but must knowJoe Smoe19
Adire HelpJames Longo4
Boston G5'sJames Longo2
Guess what FedEx just brought.....:-) :-)...sean10
Anyone heard of GreenBreads?A12
Get me a deal!!!Hunter Warren2
Which to get??James Longo44
Please Help!! 15" Diamond TDX or 15" Image Dynamics IDQ???Nick_SQ14
Putting a system in a leased benzJoe Smoe25
Getting Rid Of Everything!Hunter Warren95
AdireHunter Warren7
The Hardest HitDonald Byrum jr4
Help pleaseBruce Epps1
Wrong Forum for sure...but who caresSubfanatic58
Is this the Truth or is he just fawking with me.James Longo69
Any Opinions!!!!taylor1723
Which subSubfanatic6
Blown subwoofertaylor172
Which will have higher spl??taylor173
DVC vs. SVCtaylor174
MTX 421D, or something bigger to push Eclipse Alum?Subfanatic33
Kicker L5sdjeter1083
Its not always the wattagenick2
Bass help!Joe Smoe11
Would this setup work?Joe Smoe7
Whats the diff ??????nick9
Adire Shivasnick6
Enough power??James Longo2
Do those matrix things, really work?somethingredicolousi16
Infinity Kappa Perfect 12 VQKevin Young1
Best subs for a BX1500DDankman Nuggetz13
Websites to buy subsJake Davis7
What Could I Be Missing?Jake Davis11
Arc Audio KAR 900.1...........for my Ti sub.Joe Smoe4
Jlw3v2 larry tran3
My New System (Questions/Comments Welcomed)Chief21
I beleve you guys nowsean8
Comments on my setup?larry tran9 good is it?Joe Smoe8
Which sub/subs to get?James Longo4
Will it sound good?nick6
Wired the wrong way and sounds better than the right waynick8
Amp overheating please helpSubfanatic6
Yet another Audiobahan horror story.....Subfanatic6
Performance questionSubfanatic2
Sub upgradeMichael Rogers3
700 dollar price range.. what is the best i can getMike Loudon15
Can my infinity perfect 12.1d take more than the recommended rmsnick3
Please help with box deminsionsPaul1
I want judgement on this system and i love you. ahahhadisturb3d_pri3st6
Were the jlw0 subs highly underratedSubfanatic8
Anybody have volfenhagBryce Mitchell3
Port sizeDonald Byrum jr10
12W3V2 / 500/1 amp JL audio ???Subfanatic5
(new)12" Type R vs 15" Tempestnick18
"budget bass" helpnick5
Tuning a boxnick3
Help with box dimensions...howie feltersnatch7
Is this too much power for a type r?taylor173
Audiobahn sub...taylor175
6th times a charmSubfanatic1
Huge NEWB to car alarm systemsSubfanatic1
Cheapest 400w-500w rms amplifier?nick4
Coustic amps any good!!!James Longo4
Worst sub u ever hearedJoe Smoe55
Need Help with sub/box question. Please Look!mempihs898
Lookin to buy a new system with high spl any ideas?Joe Smoe14
MOFO what do YOU think!Joe Smoe13
Who makes good amps?Hunter Warren16
Looking for subs to take out 2 w7'sHunter Warren71
Has anyone heard anything about GlassWolf?GlassWolf20
Enclosure PositionJames Longo6
Jl 12w6?xxmdfmkxx7
El caminodisturb3d_pri3st5
Wiring dvc subsjonathan ramirez11
All electicity shuts off......Joe Smoe11
Question about enclosuresJoe Smoe2
Wiring subsBryce Mitchell3
Looking to upgradeJoe Smoe42
Brahma Help!!!Justin1
Noone responds over thereSubfanatic8
Secure way to Send money!!!!!! URGENTSubfanatic28
For any1 who like to piss poeple offSubfanatic16
Will this sound good?taylor175
How many volt preamp output is needed to have great SQ?taylor174
NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Anonymous7
Which is better alpine SWR 1041D or infinity 10.1Dnick5
Hifonics BX2005D amp any good?taylor174
Interfire ampsSubfanatic1
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