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Dual Orion T300 Amp Installation (Please Help)Jeremy Smith1
Two amps to one sub ?????Isaac2
Glasswolf.please read and try to helpIsaac4
Question ...A8002TIsaac7
Amp install kits...which brand?Anonymous7
Installation questions!!!Scott Salvatore6
Bridging an amplifierJordan Hickey3
Information overloaded i thinklucas beckner2
Help Please?biggggc5
6 200 watt subs to a 1200.1 amp in series or parrell?chi town guy11
Glasswolf....ANYONE amp probelmes i thinkEric Pisanko6
Another basic alternator question!!!Chad Agostinelli4
Silly newbie ?Propaganda133
What should i buy?beisch1
******fOrd EscOrt Amp wIrIng******...#1 i talked with gla4
Clif DesignNick Hard Leptinberg1
Simple questionGlassWolf22
Amp for Type R and OrionIsaac15
Running subs of different ohms together.GlassWolf3
JL1000/1 amp went out??? Pls Help.Jonathan2
Another amp questiontaylor1710
Rockford f & 12"Kicker compchi town guy11
Rockford Fosgate 15"Hunter Warren4
Can I use an American AMP in Europe??Isaac7
2 12" type r subs 4ohmIsaac17
Amp voltageGlassWolf17
Amp cuts off when bridgedGlassWolf3
Is it possible to run 2 dual 4 ohm subs at 1ohm into a mono amp??Isaac16
Thanks GlassWolf... Best setup for a $400 system? Who makes what?Isaac7
Amp wiring help please.Chris11
What Should I Use???taylor177
Amp Going Bad?Isaac5
PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!!Eric Pisanko4
So my buddy finds this amp...beisch6
Mtx , rockford f. or audiobahnjohnny lemoine13
Please help with my amp wiring!!!!josh walton2
So my buddy finds this amp...beisch3
R.m.s powerjosh walton10
Glass Or anyone elsejosh walton4
Need serious help and fast...Krijgy9
MA AUDIO HK3000D 3000 WATT A good Amp For 2 alpine type x's?Hunter Warren8
Biggest Best Most Powerful MOno Amp 300-400$Hunter Warren3
Glass or Isaac amp help.Isaac4
kno this question is a little redundant but when i trieddSeen it B...Isaac5
How should I connect my subs?Donald Byrum jr4
CAn i hook up 2 amps with only one amp kitangel duarte10
Good amp for kicker comp VR's..12'sWahl3
Does anyone have an American Pro Amp?Gary Lee1
Any way is this possible....Isaac2
MTX vs. KickerRDS116
MTX Thunder1501DMichael Albonese2
Some information neededIsaac7
New alt?OuttaNine2
What do u think about MA Audio HK1997 1200w 1Ch Monocesar alvarado1
GlassCory B1
A little help with the wattage in my system?JeremyC2
Used JL 1000/1 for $565Audiophile1
Jbl bp180.2 any good?Isaac2
Does PLanet Audio Make good amps??nelson3
Recall what this amp uses???GlassWolf2
How are?James Longo1
Help With Amp RDS113
Autotek Amps?stjohnboy00001
What amp be good for my....Isaac6
Whats is more powerful mtx or rockford fosgateIsaac4
Amp Question....Judge Schmells1
Amp TroubleOuttaNine4
Alpine type rCJ Maurine2
Mtxlee bolwerk5
Amp problemadam perry3
ALPINE AMP MRV-F353 4/3/2 V12Mark S2
Comparing two mono amps Power Acoustic A3000DB & Kole Audio Q1-3000...johnny lemoine10
Are soundstream amps good / is the VGA500.4 capable of 3ch?Jonathan Cook3
LIGHTS dem on my truck with the (2) JL 500/1 AMPSXPLOD10
What happens if the amps gets wet?erik6
Best amp 4 the money?erik4
1 ohmfoxstoner04204
Creating a Guitar Stage rig out of Car AudioJosh Gaither1
Anyone know about the new jbl gto 1201.1 amps?erik1
How do I find RMS ratings on crappy low budget amps?LouieV8
Question about mmats amp Lexmaster1
Jbl ampjim280c1
Excuse meGlassWolf3
Glasswolf please helpTheNewbie2
Dumb ?GlassWolf7
Stinger capacitorGlassWolf2
Someone plz clearifyGlassWolf6
I need helpBen warmerdam3
MB Quart 12" in box for $99, good deal?LouieV9
I building a boxHunter Warren8
Need adviceadam perry2
What would a good set up beadam perry11
Rockford Amp, DVC 6ohm subs??chris12134514
12"Pioneer 400W subwoofer with a RF Punch 360.2 amp?J Humble1
Profile AMPsAnonymous1
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