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Would you quit scheduling the "maintenance" for the middle of the day when the highest amount of traffic comes here? Schedule it for the AM when everyone is asleep. And if it is an issue with the forum software... fix it. I don't know how many times you have to be reminded of this.

I am an admin/moderator of a site that gets 5x the traffic that this one does and I have no problem keeping it running. Do yourself a favor and get some help in here.

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No doubt. The Car Audio section goes down at least once a day. You (admin) stated once that it was because the Car Audio section gets more traffic. Why is it that the satellite section doesnt go down when I know that, that section gets a ton of traffic as well????

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The admin has stated in the past that the car audio forum is subjected to more "off topic" posts than any other. That may be true. However, the car audio section doesn't suffer nearly as much from the kind of garbage the sat section endures on a daily basis. IMO car audio monitors themselves quite well and have few complaints about other members. The sat section seems plagued with trolls and gets shut down so infrequently compared to car audio.

Don't like members as moderators? Even those who have been here for years? Why?

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Come on guys, all the little glitches and issues gives ecoustics character. Think of it like camping, except you're on a forum.

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Now thats funny...

I consider it more like running thru a mine field, hoping not to get blasted or ambushed while running through..and friendly fire is as bad as the enemies...
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