Regaining the full 1 G on mp3 player


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I have a 1 G mp3 player from Hong Kong which worked well until some stray "hidden" file got transferred to it. In order to remove the file, which I couldn't access, I reformatted the disc, but the only option was to format it to 244 MG, less than 1/4 of the capacity. Norton System shows it still has the 1 G memory but I can't access it. How can I reformat it to regain the full 1G? Help!! and thanks

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Username: Rakesh

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I am rakesh I've got the same problem if u get any solution kindly send the solution to me also

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How big is the 'hidden' file? It is most likely the firmware-which allows your device to operate. No mp3 player will give you the full amount of memory it claims because of this. Even the iPod Mini uses about 30mb of its memory to run its firmware.

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i have a 2 gig mp3 from hong kong
some weird file names appeared so i deleted them now i only have access to half the memory
i have re formated three times
with no files showing half my disk is used
is the above a growing problem
from darryl

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Hi Darryl,
I was reading about a similar problem a while ago when I bought a fake memory stick off ebay. The (cheaper, fake Hong Kong) manufacturers get a smaller chip (say, 1Gb) and program it so it reads at a larger size (like 2Gb). The first 1Gb of files will copy across fine, and the next 1Gb will appear to, but when you try to access them, the data is corrupt because the disk never had the capacity it claimed in the first place.

If this is your problem, (which it unfortunately sounds like it might be, since you've formatted three times), unfortunately you can't get the full 2Gb back, because you never really had it :-(

Hopefully it'll be something else that can be fixed easily, but it sounds like it isn't. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!
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