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We are going on a trip. We will be using a portable dvd player using the cord to the ciggarette lighter. Last year, when we stopped for "pit stops", the dvd player shut off when the car did and my kids blew a nutty because they lost their spot in the movie.

If I charge the dvd battery and attach it can I still get the power from the lighter and when the car shuts off, will the dvd player stay on because I am using the battery as a back up?

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Not if it is plugged in. It also depends on the DVD player, if you have a good one, the player automatically restarts at the point where it stopped. If you ahve one of the cheap ones from walmart, it more than likely won't.

They "blew a nutty"??? Wow, I wonder how they would react to a real crisis. :-)

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Too bad you had to ruin it with your final comment.

I'm guessing their response was typical of all young children. The smiley face doesn't hide sarcasm.

Thanks so very much.

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There was no intent on hiding the sarcasm.

And I doubt that their response is typical at all, there are worse things in life that children have to get over besides blowing a nutty over a lost movie spot.

I've seen kids with no more than paper and crayons to entertain them, no cars no vans, no tv and let alone dvd players.

Life will throw more than just a few missed spots in a movie, get over it!

You are welcome.

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I am going to agree with Berny on this one. Can you not just charge the battery then when the pit stops come around, put in the battery and keep the player on? Also, get a newer model of player and it will remember the spot. I believe Coby players are pretty good at doing that!
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