SonicStage on mac??


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Does anyone know where i can download sonicstage for a mac or if it is even possible to get my music on my mac to my mini-disc player??

SonicStage does not exist for the MACintosh platform. You must first save (burn) your files (with the .mp3 extension) to CD, install sonicStage on a WINDOWS computer and transfer them that way. That is how I do it - if you hear differently, let me know.

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anyone out there know any plans on porting sonicstage to mac?
ps. I really hate using my windows pc.

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No plans as of yet.

I've found most people who dislike using Windows don't know how to use the OS properly...

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That's a shame.

I damn well know how to use one it's common sense it's that I have a slow x86 that's what I hate.

I've found most people who know people who dislike windows have one leg shorter than the other but that may be I was only talking to people with LLD.

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I WANT SONIC STAGE ON A MAC!!! WHAT IS UP WITH SONY!! i mean i buy this minidisc player and then... no importing with out windows. plz someone help me..... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..........

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whats with sony doing this ? sony being a top company in the media industry and not inabling it for a mac !

any way if you realy hate using the old pc, use a ps2 using the optic nerve, much easer

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I have to use my pc to do it, I think sony has plans to make sonicstage for macs due to there release of there new mp3 player, though realplayer is compatible with sonicstage players, and some people have managed to use that instead but I haven't tried it yet. Sonicstage is a pretty awful program anyways, so hopefully someone will create an alternative for macs.

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This does seem ludicrous. I mean, with so many people migrating to Mac they should sort something out otherwise we'll have no choice other than to migrate to iPods.
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