Help needed trying to connect pc 2 stereo


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Username: Donnyj

Shawnee, Pa Usa

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I know this sounds stupid, but can any one tell me why I am hearing a BUZZING sound when I try and hookup my line out on my pc to my aux in on my streo? I just installed a Sound blaster live card and it works fine when I use the pc speakers

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Username: Edwarl

Melbourne, Victoria Australia.

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I think that you would have basically the same earthed power system as here in Australia. I would suspect that you have what we would call an "earth loop" buzzing.
It is related to one part of the pair - PC/Stereo - either not wanting an earth connection that it has or wanting it and it not being there ???!! With our plug/socket arrangement here I would disconnect the earth lead at the plug of one of them ,(preferably the stereo) or else use a coupling power lead with no earth lead in it on the stereo. You may need to use shielded leads for the connection between the two also.It's all so much trial and error ! Good luck. Laurie in Melbourne, Australia.

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I'm thinking about buying DJ software so I downloaded the demo and it works great. However,the software maker claims all you have to do is hook up your laptop to your dj speakers and amp and give parties. Is that possible? If so, what do I need to get my digital dj system up and running?


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Hi i have a stereo with a loose wire connection to my speakers, I was wondering how to plug my pc sound into my stereo speakers and still being able to use my speakers for my stereo.
Cheers, peace.

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Hi, try this

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hey, if u have a soundcard with an audio output plug (which it will have), go get one of these babies... ry%5Fname=CTLG%5F002%5F001%5F001%5F000&product%5Fid=42%2D2483

Hook that up from your audio out in the sound card to the left and right channel CD stereo hookup on your stereo.

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Username: Bone

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I want to have audio on my computer so it sounds decent enough, like a tv. Is there a simple way to do it?

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I already have a 5.1 Creative Labs setup on my computer. I want to use the same speakers for the output coming from an extra 5.1 stereo receiver I have rather than buy a whole new set of surround speakers. If I get a soundcard with optical in-out, can I hook up the optical output from the receiver to the optical input on the soundcard to achieve this? Most people want to have the computer playing through stereo speakers and I want the reverse, i.e., the stereo playing its output through the computer speakers. Thanks to anyone who can provide any tips or assistance.

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The output thing would work...but when was the last time you looked at the connections for the receiver and the computer speakers? They're completely different. The stereo definitely requires two bare wires, so you'll have to cut off whatever adaptor is on the end of the computer speakers and strip them.

Most importantly, those speakers will sound like trash. I cannot emphasize this enough. PC speakers ONLY sound good on the PC-nowhere else. There have been some who hook them up in their car and other places only to lead to extreme disappointment. I wouldn't be surprised if you blew all of them out. They can only handle about 10watts of power total per speaker if even that and the receiver has to put out at least 50 watts per channel!

Conclusively, don't do it. If you want good sound, trash the computer speakers, use the receiver for all sound processing, and buy some decent surround speakers from a good brand.

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Thanks for the input Jexx. I actually bought myself a cheap Montego DDL soundcard with an optical in-out. I ran the optical out from my dvd player and Tivo into the "optical in" on the sound card. I used a "digital optical selector switch" from RadioShack to be able to switch the lines going in to the soundcard. I've got to tell you that for my purposes this was a great work around. I share your view about the quality of the Creative Labs speakers, but this is only for my home office entertainment. The sound is actually quite good and I'm going to keep the sound card which I bought only on a test basis. The optical lines provide a very clean sound vs. the analog llines I tried at first which carried a lot of noise and the terrestial humm associated with runnin a 15-20 foot line. Thanks for your input though. I really appreciated it.

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Hey all. I'm running a ghetto PC with a ghetto speaker system. I'm most likely going to head off to radio shack to pick up one of those adapters. I plan on running it through my pre-amp/amp set up and then to my 21 speaker system... all of which were purchased second hand for under 5 bucks each (told yah it was ghetto!). I'm a bit of a newbie audiophile, but my systems getting there, 2 amps, 3 recievers and 4 record players and 2 tape dubbers....

Thats what schooling will do to yah...

peace and kudos

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Got my connectors.. picked up some decent gold plated shielded ones and a 25' extension.. total cost was 30$ CAN... got it all hooked up, but now my amp is starting to go... it slowly gets queiter and queiter the longer it plays.. i think that the pre-heat option and cooling fins may be dirty.. i'm gonn ahve to rip it apart and clean it..

oh the joys of owning property

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hi ive just got 2 peavey 350 watt spaekers and a 700watt amp is there any way of hooking it up to my pc without getting a mixer.
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