Isolating Audio/Video with HDMI


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I have a Yamaha Receiver with 2 HDMI in's and 1 HDMI out. Currently, my computer DVI out is connected to one of the HDMI in's (DVR/VCR2 source) and my DVD player is connected to the other. The HDMI out from the receiver is connected to our 40" LCD. Our cable box is connected to the receiver with a component video cable and a Dolby Digital Audio cable. The audio from the computer is connected to the receiver through the MD/Tape source. I am able to play music from the computer, CD player or tuner on the receiver and watch video from the cable box through the receiver to the LCD. When either the DVD player or Computer video is selected, though, only that corresponding audio can be heard. Is there a setting to isolate the audio or video going to the receiver through the HDMI inputs? Can I watch video from an HDMI input and listen to audio from a strictly audio source, simultaneously?

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Can anybody answer Mr Prevost's question? I want to know also. I'm planning to buy a new tv with 1080p resolution so that I can upgrade to Blue Ray DVD in the near future. My Yamaha receiver does not have HDMI connectors at all. I'm going to have to use the optical and coaxial audio connections to get 5.1 surround sound. If I connect the HDMI cable to the new tv, will I be able to utilize the optical and coaxial inputs to the receiver for the audio, or am I going to have to upgrade my receiver with one with HDMI connections?

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John, the way I understand it is that you can send an HD signal over component video cable. The downside between HDMI and component video is that audio cannot go over component video so you need additional cables. As far as I know you should be able to get by with your current receiver. Good luck.

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Until the HDMI issue has been standardized, I would stay away from it until then.

If you connect the HDMi to your TV the other video/audio inputs will not be utilized at all and is usually disabled automatically.
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