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Hifonics ampsTerry64058
Elemental Designs - NINe.1 and NINe.2Terry640510
AMP FOR SALE kx600.1David Vo2
Why the difference in sound??B6
JL 1000/1Brandon13
Recommend Good 1 Ohm Amp?Maxx15
JBL GTO1201Maxx1
Wondering how to wire my amps.ty mutlow9
Need help on amp choicety mutlow3
Help with phoenix didital ampSeth Lowe5
How to wire a Directed 1100D amp for 1ohm???Thomas White5
Dont know if amp is getting enough powerDennis R3
Will this setup work?[...Rovin...]3
Who makes a better amp??Nypd-Lapd3
Re 12.1 vs kicker 12.1Brandon6
High Pitched NoiseBrandon4
Problem with Kenwood KAC-929Dennis R1
Opinions on some ampsMaxx4
Clip problem with McIntosh MC4000Mmikechec910
4CH Amp 2 Pre OutsOptidriven6
Anyone experienced with A/D/S amplifiers?Polo7
What is amp clipping?mikechec94
Which 4 channel amp out of these ? / Jonathan,GW, James[...Rovin...]4
GM7200MNick Schlueter1
Help with wiring a fosgate P5002 amp to infinity dvc subty mutlow3
Bridgeing an amplifierty mutlow5
Future and present amp question Brian Johnson Jr3
WHAT SHOULD I DO?ty mutlow2
Any of you guys played with the sx kickerspeter stockbauer7
How to hook up 3 amps???ty mutlow2
Kicker Kx1200.1 almost brand new. make an offer.Polo20
Experience with A/D/S amplifiersBlair_aus1
Looking for 800-1000W rms @ 1 ohmTerry640518
I'm confused!!ty mutlow6
ED NINe.1 amp?mikechec92
For a SX15Terry640518
Problem with my amp?I think?Ryley mcGill1
2000 Civic AlternatorPolo2
Mtx thunder 3202dadummy1
Need help on hooking up my systemCaleb Chojnacki3
Ohm ProblemsNick Schlueter12
Amp power protectionEric Carter10
Need help on hooking up my systemjhs071
How do u hook up a amp an subs to a vehicle???Ginger83
First Car System/Lacking amp NEED HELP CHOOSING[...Rovin...]2
Amp recommendations for Diamond S600S comps and RE SX subDarren M6
Noise Problemty mutlow2
Amp & 6x9 speakers & head unit instal helpty mutlow10
Installing multiple ampsty mutlow2
Amp won't turn on!!TJ7
Digital class-D X-1500betty1
Amp wiring kit question?D.J. Tucker9
This amp good enough for meh 2 alpine swx-1242D type xMark S6
Kicker kx550.2peter stockbauer7
How big should I go with my power wire?B7
Wiring tweeters and other mid/highs to 4channel ampty mutlow4
Remote Bass boost control hack jobHTOWN2816
Best place to get 2 gauge wireJohnnY B8
0 gauge Amp wiring kitJohnnY B6
Fuses amp ratings etc....please help!D.J. Tucker6
What amp for 2 alpine swx-1242D type X[...Rovin...]5
Howz this amp to push an alpine type r 12"??D.J. Tucker13
Adding second batteryJosh1
Very Easy Question...PLEASE AnswerMark Gemina4
Another simple amp questionhTJ3
How big amp for infinity 1242wMitchell Stone3
~1000-1200w strappable amps?Jim8
? for Rovin or ne other expert.....plz[...Rovin...]3
Need help chosing ampJim7
Question About Audiobahn A4401Tty mutlow7
4 channel amp helpty mutlow2
Baught Busted Amp From Ebaysamuel rock9
? for Rovin or ne other expert.....plzTJ1
I need a 1200 watt 2 ohm amp !!Roy.T32
Amp for type R'sctmike3
Wat the .....?Moe3
Amp Impedence QuestionGlassWolf5
Need amp sugestions...300x2 @2ohms?Optidriven3
Amp hook up Brandon4
Lanzar Heritage Amp & (2) 13" JL w1v2Lyndsey Welborn14
Amp helpAdam McCoy4
Amp for two 8'' cvr kickersmarshall white2
What amp for 2 8'' cvr kickerAnonymous2
Up in Smoke - Nicely Done .... What did I DO!?!?!?Mr. Joe Jiz12
NEED A MATCH HERE...???marshall white5
What will be best 2ch or mono for either 2 or 4 ohm dual?BrAd GiLmAn4
Little help pleaseJosh5
Is this a good amp?ty mutlow4
Mono amp questionEric Carter3
How to connect correctly ?Anonymous1
Does this look rightThomas White1
Help with amp decision.Joey Ingle12
New amp for r's[...Rovin...]9
Tight Budget Amp for R[...Rovin...]3
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