Building my Box! Need help!


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Ok Well i am building a Ported Box for my 2 15" Fusion PowerPlants! They are going in the back of my Extcab s10! I just dont know how big to make it! Like what LxWxH for the loudest sound? I got all the vent diameter and all of that! it says 2x4" for diameter and length 21.6"! How do I know what that HZ is and what HZ is best and how do i change Hz! It said for volume 3.0 cuft. so what LxWxH should i make my box so it will still fit in my Extcab but be loudest and meet all the Specifications! I am gonna put my port at the top and going down! Is that the best way to do it? Thanks!

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P.S the ports and Volume is for 1 sub so it will have all of that on each side of the box cuz i am going to split the box in half with Plywood! Also what kind of wood should i use just regular plywood or what? and will the thicker the plywood make the subs louder?

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This site may help

just put in values until it outputs the recommended volume.

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I need more details for me to help you out with this. I need how much room you have in the truck from side to side and from front to back how tall u are able to go up. I have 2 12" thunder 4000's in a reg cab s10 with the seat just moved up 1". You can contact me a via email or instant message.
I can give u all the specs if you give me that info and the info on the speaker.

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Yamaha Banshee for a volume of 1.0 cubic feet the internal box size less the driver displacement must be 12"x12"x12". Try measuring the max distance across the back from one window to the other inside and the distance from the back of your seat in full back position to the inside back of the truck and then go to this website for automatic calculations:
remember to include the internal port volume in this calculation..for example if your port is 12 inches long and 4 inches in diameter the volume is :
3.1415 x radius(2) x length(12) = 75.396cubic inches
and: 1 cubic inches = 0.000578703704 cubic feet
so 75.396 x 0.00578703704 is .436 cubic feet.

so if each sub requires 3.0 cubic feet then you need six cubic feet for the subs plus 2 x .436cubic feet for the ports and also whatever the volume of the baskets are in order to satisfy the box volume specification. Note that you must also ensure the box is deep enough and wide enough for the size of the driver itself..I know this sounds stup!d but I have seen shops build wedge shaped boxes for trucks and then try to fit the driver in only to find it is too deep for the box.

As for youer question on the tuning frequency for the port I recommend you stick with the manufactuerers specs as they designed the driver to work optimally in this range. If you wanted to lower the frequency the port is tuned too you could lengthen the port slightly to lower the frequency or shorten the pipe sligtly to increase the frequency. This is sort of like drinking a beer and using it as a horn as you drink more and first it makes a higher pitched sound and when it is empty is makes a much lower sound.

Keep it loud and clean from canada peace out.
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