Why use DVD players when there's a better method!!!


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I have this idea of a better method of watching movies. As the DVD Player Skips page is stopped, I'll write my rant and idea here instead.

I use a LG DV7711P DVD Player, skips/freezes lately in the last few months, worse up to now. Last year in Dec 2009 I bought DSE (Dick Smith Electronic) DVD Player, for $29.95 AUD, and it was great, a great relief watching movies that don't skip or crazy freezes and messing with my "eyes sensitive" eyes that I use 99% of the time, as I am profoundly deaf.

I loved DVDs a hell of a lot since I discovered one feature of this technology, the ESHIs (English Subtitles for the Hearing Impaired). Man, I loved it, I caughted up with my favourite movies and finally understood what the stories was about, far better than books which was too much sometimes.

Anyway, lately the DSE DVD player plays up for the last few weeks and I smashed it up with my crowbar just a few hours ago. I got fed up
with all the skips and freezes, it just plays hell with my stress in my head. Enough is enough. So it's back to my old dvd player, the LG DV7711P, but it still have that damn skips and freezes it does before. I'm thinking of smashing it up as well but I'm holding myself back and I already spent most of my pented up frustrations on the DSE DVD player, so I'm saving the LG for a smash up later if I feel like it.

What I really wanna do is go to the stores and smash up their crappy DVD players, every last one of those crappy ones, all the worthless ones. I know I'll miss my ESHIs, but man, who can stand these annoying skips and freezes, it's not natural, it just stresses the frack out of my head, man.

Anyway for a long time I thought of this great idea of a perfect player that can play pefect movies just like they do on PC computers, no crappy DVD players to worry about, just plug straight into the TV and play the movie, no worries! Anyone ever thought of this? I would have thought someone already did, but I haven't read anything about it so I decided to say it here and you heard it from me, a deaf bloke, man, right here!

You all seen a flash drive, a memory drive, a thumb drive? These can be built to hold a movie, and yep, add a USB plug on the TV and you can just plug the Thumb Drive and play the movie automatically, with a special feature for a remote so you can move along the menu, ain't this a great idea?

And guess what, no thumb drive ever give you a skip/freeze like those crappy el cheapo DVD players does, from the cheapest to the "expensive" ones. And I'm waiting for this idea to catch on and when it does I'm there with my bucks in my hand and buying the thumbdrives and the tv with the USB, man, as well as a converter thingy to downloads all my DVDs into the Thumbdrives to watch them anytime I like, no more ridiculous skips and freezes to give me headaaches with. Oh man, USB thumbdrive movies are better than el cheapo skippy dvd players!!!!!!!

No more headaches from discs, and dvd players, that are clearly failures in every sense of the word, the only success as far as I'm concerned is the ESHIs, and the USB, that's all. The rest are junked out whores.

Now if I could raise funding to build the perfect USB thumbdrive movies, that would be the best way to watch a good movie without all the fiddly crap that wastes valuable time.....

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If you're so against crappy DVD players that skip and freeze all the time why buy/use them? Yeah, cause I have that same problem alllll the time myself............not.

And you're talking about downloading digitized media, storing it on an external portable flash drive and playing it on your tv? Yeah, um, you're about eons behind the times. Why use a flash drive? Why limit yourself to one movie per thumb drive? So you're saying instead of DVDs lying around you would have just as many thumb drives? That would be insanely expensive. Get a TB external that would hold 100's of digitized movies.

Now is this just a spam thread to promote your "converter thingy" or simply a poor attempt at a charity stunt?

Cause, yeah, my checkbook is in hand.

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Don't know what you're on about, man. All I care about is a better medium than DVD players to play movies, because the pros and cons with DVD players and DVD discs is that they've been rushed into mass productions without all, or most, kinks worked out. So my idea is that there must be an easier way, perhaps a device analogous to the DVD player, and the thumbsticks to be the medium for the movies, (with ESHIs for those of us who are deaf and wants to read while watching movies) and I figure this is even better.

No, I'm not doing "spam", or doing charity stunt, whatever they is. I don't give a damn about those. All I care about is watching a movie without a herky-jerky, or skips and freezes, they annoy the hell out of me, I have "eyes sensitive", some deafs know what I'm talking about, it's like someone tapping you on the shoulder to get your attention and you get sick of the taps after an hour or so. So it's like that with us deafs, we get sick of people doing the same thing, the same thing here writing this, I'm sick of this crazy "add your message here", and I can hardly see what I'm writing here because there's something wrong with this method, the box kept shaking up and down everythime I taps the keys, very annoying, and I won't make an habit of this.

All I care about is passing on my idea and hopes that sone manufacturer liked my idea into making it real. So do you like the skips and freezes, herky-jerky movements of actors and actresses blipping across your screen, giving you headaches, and so on? Or do you want a movie that's so smooth, goes all the way through without all the herky-jerky skips and freezes? I'd know which one I would buy on the dot!

I also figured that DVD discs are so fussy, there's different kinds, and the worse is that those lasers are not the same in every DVD players, so each is always fussy about conditions. How cheap can you be if you build shoddy players and they'll fall apart after a few months as my new DSE did, and my LG lasts five years already. Now I watch one or two movies every night, as an antidote to a day of silence and that gives me a headache. So I put on my old hearing aids and watch and give my brain a rest from the strange silent days. I feel better afterwards, but for those skips and freezes, those herky-jerky movies, that's annoying.

Technology could have been better, but of course, manufacturers don't care and only care about making money the fastest way and not even improving their machines at all. Cheap scumbags. It's like having a third world machine in a first world country. Crazy. All I want is the perfect player that won't skips, freezes, or make herky-jerky actors and actresses. Damn it. We have the technology, all we need is to rise up a protest movement and demand better machines from the el cheapo manufacturers. Believe you me, they have the money to do it, they got billions or trillions out of us public consumers, so they can afford to tool up a better machine that works for ten or twenty years without making one damn skips, freeeze or herky-jerky movement.

I know, if I was the manufactuerer and I love movies, I would be working on making a better machine. So are there one reading this and agreeing with me? C'mon, c'mon, there must be one.

I still think a thumbdrive, which can be like the DVDs, and plugged into a small device, which is plugged into the AV on the TV, and it's real easy, plug the thumbmovie and use the remote for moving around the menu, which I usually do to set the ESHIs, so I can watch and read the dialogue, background noises, etc, so I know what is going on. I love ESHIs, man!

ESHI means English Subtitles for the Hearing Impaired.

Since I started using DVDs and DVD players not more than ten years ago. I'm surprised by that, ten years!? Anyway, I catch up to old movies that have puzzled me for most of my life and now I want to watch everything.

I still curse those cheap companies who didn't put ESHis on their movies, so I don't bother buying those DVDs without any ESHIs, too bad they missed out on my money, to hell with them cheap companies. I always check the DVDs to see if it has any ESHis. Rarely does it have none, because when I find no ESHIs on at home, I would take it straight back to where I bought it from and yell at them for not having any ESHIs, and they would give me my money back straight away. I get real pissed off about it. I want all movies built with ESHIs so I can watch 'em.

Deafness is a curse, I hate this deafness, but I'm stuck in this hell. Trying to live bettter, means trying to enjoy life, which means I need movies to give me meaning. Deafness is the same as pension, an economic prison, a monetary prison. Same with the movies, I can't watch movies without any ESHIs, man. I hate seeing mouths flapping and not knowing what's going on. Who is saying what? So annoying. That's why i gave up on people, and just retreats to books. Books tells me a lot about things. And that's what I did all my life, until I found the DVDs and the DVD player ten years ago! Man. Same with the ESHIs-DVDs. Because I get tired of trying to figrure out what pepole are saying and I hated guessing what they're saying. Try it when you block out your ears with wax or something and you'll see what it's like trying to guess whoever is saying whatever. I'm no expert lipreader, man, I don't bother, all mouths are different, and the worse mouth are those slash-mouth types, very, very, difficult to read at all.

Yeah, I'm not perfect. I'm the same as you, my ears is what's not working that's all. There's other people who's even worse off, man. At least I can walk and move my body around and do things with my hands, such as strangling those cheap companies around their thick fat necks! Grrrrrr!!!

Maybe one day some of those fat necks might think up the same idea I had and put on patent (because that's what they care about, patenting everything so they can get a buck out of it), and they'll make the smoothest device that ever gave us great movies, the thumbmovie idea of mine, things like that. Who knows? Life is so weird sometimes!

Bye for now ga to sk


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I'm with Paul external drive and called it a day.

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I watch DVD movies just about on a daily basis and I almost never get the skips or jerky playback you speak off. Certainly not enough to thrust myself to develop a new technology (which isn't new).

Hey I'm sorry for your impairments and good luck.

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I bought a new DVD player, it has an USB socket on the front, nice. I tested old DVDs that didn't play well with my old DVD players, they played nicely on the new DVD player, and it's great. Only costs $70 AUD bucks, and best of all, I finally use the USB socket with the thumbdrives, downloading some small movies, and it plays very well. I think, in future, the limitations of DVD discs will be replaced with DVDthumbs, no more optical flaws to worry about, just PLUG and PLAY! No more worrying about the surface of the silly discs, the flatness of the silly discs, the shine of the silly discs and the smoothness of the silly discs. Just PLUG and PLAY, and you're watching the movie as it's supposed to be, with no pause, interruption, to jarr your experience. This is the most logical way to watch, nothing to distract you from the movie experience. To hell with discs, they was only useful for a few years, but it's time to move on to better methods that saves the time of wasting time on discs repair, discs safety, discs this and that. Whoopee!

As for the external drive, hell, I got one already and I don't believe in downloading movies, that's piracy, which I don't believed in. I prefer movies with ESHIs, because I seen some dvds that looks weird, and I figured it out, those weird dvds are knock offs, bootlegs of real movies and I hated those worse of all, their subtitles are all mangled up, so it's almost unreadable, unintelligible and waste of time watching these movies. I prefer to buy from those who make real movies, no bootlegs or piracy crap. I want decent ESHIs on decent movies, and using these on thumbdrives TB-Players would be great, saves space, and best of all, easy to just PLUG and PLAY!

And then there's this thinking, why people likes big clunky DVDs discs when TB thumbdrives would be better; because big clunky discs are difficult to steal for most people, and TBs would be easier to steal, so they won't make any any time soon. That's the problem with 99% of the people, they always think of the worse, not the best of technology. So we're stuck with mediocre technology that have not improved for a long time.

My DVD player is Lennox and it's great. I love the USB, I get to tests out different video formats and figured out which won't play and which play and use that format to play all kinds of movies I found on the 'Net, but I won't download real movies from real studios, they deserve every support we can give them, they make quality movies, so they deserve the bucks, man. I have real movies I bought and they plays real ESHIs and no worries, no damned bootlegs can ever measure up to the real thing. So I am real happy with this. No worries.

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How about this? Compare the two sizes;

DVDs are 19cm x 13.5cm x 10.5cm
Thumbdrives (TBD) are 65mm x 22mm x 8mm

Which are better in terms of space-saving? I have about 200 DVDs stacked up all over my room, and I can imagine replacing these DVDs with 200 TBDs and that would fill a small box, no question about it.

And yes, there are technology that can put a Gigabyte on a thumbdrive, so this would be a fantastic technology to explore.

If only I got a billion bucks I would invest in this ideas and it would work, oh yeah, just show people how it's done and they'd loved the ease and simplicity of it.

And that's the thing of it, manufacturers don't want perfect machines and discs that lasts ten years or more, no no no, they want things to break so they want you to come back and pay through your nose to get repairs or replacements, thus adding more wastes, in the form of money, pollution and most of all, TIME, the valuable time that can be spent on productive aims. Instead we're all running out trying to fix things that are easily fixed, and thus keeping the parasites employed, leeching off us productives!

Who knows, we might get lucky, there might be a developement of the ideas I wrote of, and wham! Bam! Thankyou! Ma'am! there's the company churning out the very things I wrote of, thumbmovies for thumbplayers, oh boy, no more blast discs to fack with, man!

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Interesting suggestion.

Prolix, but interesting.

What does it come down to? Cost. DVDs are FAR cheaper to produce than USB drives, hands down. And quite honestly, I think streaming/downloading will become more of a reality as time progresses, which will eliminate any kind of portable physical storage device since the internet can be accessed practically anywhere now.

The lasers in DVD players aren't that fussy. They're quite flexible to problems with the discs themselves and honestly the differences between discs and laser mechs etc. is minimal at best. The reason your one DVD player didn't last as long is because, as you said, it's crap. If you wanted a DVD player that lasts, then you would have purchased a Pioneer, Panasonic, Onkyo etc. Something built well and not some Dick Electronics one or whatever. As long as competition exists, you'll always find cheap/crappy products from companies trying to undercut the quality ones. The key is to not buy the crap products and you've solved your problem of longevity.

In any case, good read. I like the idea and if it weren't for cost, then yeah, I would totally opt for the USB thing as well.
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